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  1. Help tells me I can not update install inlaid inpossible delete the previous version to see if that was yet not let me install it I have a n5530 and hopefully I can help.
  2. I have entered my number but since I know if my number worked
  3. DiabloTV


    solo busca la misiones los pillaras en los lugares menos inesperados
  4. yo hablo español pero yo soy barbaro asi que no podria ayudarte porque somos enemigos
  5. and what happens if I fail to complete the quests that I have to be deleted or if we'll just go back to activate it.
  6. if it was very Diberder and also to have had to Ivam compretar for a mission or other things.
  7. Well, maybe if it continued to call for two-handed weapons so imbedded in the next update
  8. Ok thanks for the info sulla and wait for the update tengre to fill the two- handed ax
  9. Hello I wanted to ask what level do I need to take the two-handed ax and I'm level 4 and I can not even take.
  10. And the end could include the Spanish language in a future update as many Latinos as I would greatly appreciate it
  11. but that is the problem is that these missions were deleted without complete update and now as if you can not get those missions to complete
  12. good download this update and all right but I deleted Media has some missions that he had not completed such Torar kill the boss and also the mission of killing 3 sugetos consegir red hair and a barrel and wanted to know if you need to complete these missions forward motion in history
  13. I too step to install it I had to uninstall the version that had to be able to install it and play function but when the sound does not play I have a n5530
  14. hello I wanted to ask if in a future update probrian imbedded Spanish language and not speak English so I ask and hopefully can translate note: use the google translator
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