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  1. Me, when i was level 20, i always farm every boss in Irselnort just for resource craft Ethereal, everyday i spend just for farming and farming to get Ethereal item, because in the past Ethereal Item craft is so expensive (50-60K) and it only drop from Dungeon. After update, bosses drop resource craft and i start to farm boss like Elemental Lake, Garr Shagg etc. Like you know, sometime Elf come to kill me when i killing the boss, and i always mad because of that, resource craft ethereal is very expensive too in that time, it become 40k for 1 ethereal resource. And i stop play warspear online for a year, after i back, i was shocked with ethereal prices, it was 40k and now(2022) become so cheap, from 30-40k into 1k-2k for 1 pieces, craft item like staff, sword, mace that made from ethereal became so cheap too, i miss that old days, i wish i can turn back the time.
  2. Charmer Charmer is a Class that can use 2 Type of Weapon and Armor Weapon: Mace, Shield, Staff Armor: Heavy Armor & Cloth Armor. For the first time, When a Player making Charmer Class they will Confused...Why? Because Charmer can use 2 Type of Weapon and Armor, Then lets see what your type first, if you want to be a Support, Then you can use Staff and cloth armor, then if you say "i want to be high damage dealer" Then you can Use Mace and Shield, also for the armor, you can mix it for more magic damage because you can get more magic damage from Cloth type armor. Lets talk about the Skill. 1.Dark Prism ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.Combat Healing ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.Weakness ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.Call ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5.Oppression Ok thats all for basic skill, lets move to Expert Skill(Before you can learn this skill, You need level up your Character until lvl 18+, then you can use it) There is 9 Expert skill for every class. Lets check it out for Charmer Expert Skill 1.Help Of Chaos I Recomend This Skill For Your First Expert Skill At Level 18. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.Demonic Pact This is good at lvl 20, Because You Already Have Help of Chaos and Call skill. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.Summoner Skill If you are a physical build charmer, then this expert skill well become helpfull for you. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.Stone Curse Im not recomend this expert skill if you are not pvp player. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5.Otherworldy Fire ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.Knowledge of the Dead Man Very Very Good Expert Skill. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7.Otherworldly Blessing This is good for supporting your team. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.Eye of the Darkness This is also very good for supporting your team too ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9.Goading If you ask me this is good or no.... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Build Physical Build : Mace with Physical Stat, Shield & Heavy Armor(if you want some Magic Damage, you can change your Armor and Glove with Cloth) Accessories With Physical Bonus. Basic Skill : 5/5 Call, Weakness 5/5, Healing Combat 3/5 (Requirement Level 20) Expert Skill : Demonic Pact 4/4, Summoners Skill 4/4, Help of Chaos 4/4 (Requirement level 32, but if your level low than this level, you can focus with your Help of Chaos and Demonic pact first) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Magical Build : Staff and Cloth Armor. Accessories with magical bonus. Basic Skill : Dark Prism 5/5, Combat Healing 5/5, Oppression/Weakness 3/5 (Requirement level 20) Expert Skill : Help of Chaos 4/4, Otherworldly Blessing 4/4, Demonic Pact 4/4 (Requirement level 32, If Your level low than this level, you can focus with Help of Chaos and Demonic Pact First) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Support Build :Staff and Cloth armor/Heavy armor Accesories with Magical Bonus And Cooldown Basic Skill : Healing Combat 5/5, Weakness 5/5, Oppression 3/5 (Requirement level 20) Expert Skill : Help of Chaos 4/4, Otherworldly Blessing 4/4, Eye of the Darkness 4/4 (Requirement level 32, if your level low than this level, you can focus with Help of Chaos and Eye of the Darkness First). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope this can help you. -Yuukari
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