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  1. your talking like someone use charmers as tank, and it have a broken heal like barbs/pala/wardens/dk xD
  2. well, i would say could do that, but then we could make some upgrades like: 1- Dog hits can activate rage to charmer, since its very hard to activate it even having 30% or more rage. 2- cloth set will affect on dogs damage! thats a lil suggestion that every other classes has this advantage, but charmers doesnt!
  3. Im here for defensing my side, to be clean, i wont make any topic about elf classes even knowing they are broken. Crying is free for all, im not stressing about this, at end is just a game.
  4. Yes and if you see, atleast 70% of msgs is defending charmers.
  5. I doubt, they didnt used, always same party, will get the same result! When we started losing, we didnt came forum to cry, we found a way to win.
  6. i stopped read your whole text here, what a joke, if charmers gonna play way you want, will end up without party, and being just +1 bad class. for sure shaman and necros are better then magic charmer, if you want to people play like this, you can make your own charmer and use as how you want, dont try to change people gamestyle, every class is opened to play in any mode you want. right now im seeing good dmger shamans, good dmger dks, good dmger wardens in PvP, chiefs can be made in every mode owner preffers, maybe if you havent creativity, thats not our fault, but everyone is able to make the char however you wants. if charmer is a necromancer/shaman, why not play directly a necromancer and shaman, if you gonna use same gears? your talk has no point, charmer is charmer, and every charmer is made by your gears, relics, build, and in gameplay you will find out whos better! same happens to almost all other classes, but lazy players like some here, just like to copy people's gears, and says that the best way, without thinking other modes to building ur char, other RELICS, other SKILL BUILD, not every class is made to be same, and not everyone is made to be same too, thats the fun of the game!
  7. "its not just the raid boss" this topic comming now was just a coincidence then? :) ofc it is hurting, nobody complained before.
  8. your talking everything in theory, in pratice is different, your not newbie should know, every boss has a dynamic, there's many ways to win charmer in dmg party, i just wont keep giving weapons to "enemies", i just think you guys dont want to give your slot from party kill, to people who's better then you, thats my point, wants to win all raids the same pt kill, even knowing your class has been nerfed, that happened to me with hunter and i just accepted, i stopped playing with hunter as PvE, for sure wouldnt hold up for long in raid bosses, a guy who plays this game for sure knows whats the meta, and whats not. egoism to accept your weak, these comments doesnt even seems it came from a guy who solo mermen in 6-8mins with closed eyes. broken class, easy gameplay, easy life.
  9. has been for long, and coincidentally, im just seeing people from emerald complaining, and fun fact is, the people who call themselves "owner of the server" are losing raids. lose = get hurted and try find excuses. considering that they are accomodated with peacespear server, and didnt studied ways to get better, thought their books would work alone for them, but at end is needed something else then books, maybe some brain!
  10. remembering that you need to work a good build on your char for that work, for sure more relics is way this, you guys have alot free time, maybe could study some way, maybe can find a good relic for your chars too. fun fact is, still your charmers having that relic cant beat our charmers, they just doesnt have relic, or were better builded?
  11. If we gonna nerf relics because they are strong, we will end up nerfing atleast 90% of the relics in this game. Sadly people wanns blame their failure on a single relic, i dont think thats the real reason that they are losing. Many relic has been broken in pvp especially, but i dont see people making topics on forum to nerf it. When it affects someone's ego, and you get hurted, is easy to use it as excuse.
  12. maybe... but ur mc guild tried to win raids with charmers and still lost, that means you havent quality. we lost first raids and found a way to win, tested many classes, you could do it too, maybe can find someone better then you.(no offense). your problem is you want to win raids urself, too greedy to give slot to someone who is better then you.
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