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  1. well its your decision bro:( hope to see u again in other online game in the future hehehe. goodluck bro
  2. @melfice u can quit bro for a while but dnt delete your cha huhuhu..your lucky coz u r one of the abc member. not like us still pending to join or never have chance to join huhu:( maybe u shall take some vacation,drink wine etc. @shitley can i be the sub boss??? hahaha xD joke:)
  3. merry xmas and have a wonderful journey
  4. hello guys.... I want to join if ABC still inviting for new members. I'll post my application later if guild still inviting new players. but if not huhuhu its okay :)
  5. haha I posted in advance bro.. pls read it again :dirol:
  6. hello guys..advance happy new year to all ABC's family..more power!!!! how I wish someday I'll be the grand grand grand grandson of ABC someday ;D
  7. wow nice tactic bloody :drinks:
  8. to those who doesn't know about me... well I'm a former astraunout last 90's. I worked in NASA for two years then resigned after I got an arthritis due to the massive free electron penetrated through my bones when i made some laboratories and analysis at the Neptune planet. after half a year of medication and feeling well, I studied in World Health Center school as a doctor. then I became a doctor and worked as a private doctor. I stop my profession as a doctor after 3 years due to some unexplanable reason( I can't make people alive again when died). my wife said" my bunny
  9. OMGGGG stop it(cry) my nose is bleedinggggggg :crazy:
  10. @bloodylips...u didn't notice that bonus 2 slot in lvl18 equipment is not the exactly the amount of heal,.dodge critical etc. even the lvl 17 equipment still the same..idk why this things happened.
  11. my chance in joining are getting smaller...narrow than narrow :cray: huhuhu I can't go surgery to become a female and that's not gonna be happen :wacko: cry cry cry. :rofl: ;D :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: try and try until I died ;D ;D ;D
  12. the more the merrier :rofl:
  13. melfice bro your more than an FBI investigator :dirol: hahaha keep it up bro.
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