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  1. Well i will start with mc, forsakens, elfs and chosens.


    -Shaman: seriusly? Rly, u need fire totem vs elfs or chosen faction? It work at arena, but only at arena :!

    -Rogue: i think like the most rogues, rogues didnt got new skill because throw a knife and that do low dmg u will tell me how can be that work, isnt better a rush like bd? Or another think like that...

    -Barb: good skill, now looks like pala xD


    -Dk: good skill, i thought he need more dmg skill around him, good idea ;)

    Necro: very op skill, now lot of ppl will make necro. Necro is the poor faction because is just for support...

    -Lock: good but "oh guys why we dont put a skill which do more dmg than arrow at lv 5? Lol xD.


    -Bd: who is the ducking drugged who thought bd need that shield? Bd most played and most op hero, he got 1 root in distance, he got a rush taunting and stunning, he got dps dmg and desl too much dmg, 4% more with passive and he reduces ur atk speed and atk with another skill... Pls thats unfair, change something... Me and caza was vs druid and bd, and we killed druid but that bd with that shield rape us hardly.

    -Druid: another area skill? Gg wp....

    -Ranger: ranger dont make dmg, why we must puta another dmg skill to ranger? Omg, at menu, when ucheck def dmg and support, the dmg skill exceed.


    I really dont care about chosens, but...

    -Priest: he got skill which reduce ur energy, WHY put another + reduce hp¿?

    Go all make bd or priest guys, no need more.... Or rsnger if u want be a sniper (1 shoot 1 dead)

    Pls, change stuns durations, the stun time of elfs are veeeery better than mcs stuns, dont duck me... Pls, be partial with all class and dont put priority on elfs, thats very unfair

  2. i did pvp vs derpin. idk if he is +9 or +10. he won but listen.

    i did pvp combo lock vs lock 4 times, he 400 hp, but he catch me  1time and killed me bt high amp. i lose pvp? yes, but i deak him too many dmg with staff +6  and he catch me 1 time and i catch him 4 times. maybe he has got dark def arena set for pvp, i dont have it yet bcz im saving for that xD  i just say every +5 minimun can win any +10 if u play well. caza teach me

  3. see at arena vs AoA with my friends. rephizull just got staff +9 and relim and me are +5.

    u can see isnt all about high amped for win in arena! i hope this img will stimulate all!  :good:

    put here ur imgs vs high amped rivals! i will do  ;) cya in warspear and wish u

    good luck!


    (sry, i dont.know how to put well the img. so you must upload.img for see it. sry :/


  4. im darksalyer> lock lvl 20 (my main) ;D

          elfsalyer> rouge lvl 20 (arena & hunt sometimes)

          xelfsalyer> necro lvl 17 (lvling when i can)

    im very friendly, i dont like bad ppl, i help a lot if friends need :good:

    im not very pro warlock but cazapollos is my teacher, im learning lot of things :D

    i was heir from chaos guild, and leader from chaosII (i know spanish, english and learning portugese by warspear  ;D

    now im from zombiez, i love that guild.

    ive got problems with AoA at past  :facepalm: Now i say im sry AoA, i just want ur welcome at least.. at AoA ive got very good friends. i mean relim, cazapollos, reddarkk, humaanz, devilmon and harisss too ;D

    and i always go lab with nice person, i called "putazo 8)" i mean matadoxs xD.

    i hope will be good friend, warspear

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