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  1. i have seen sweetmandy play in pvpcave and i saw that a high amply is not all
  2. i hope devs makes some different weapons for casters
  3. so i said tower And u dont understand? Obviously i say it for reference to dungeons, i think past events was goods we have 4 dungeon maybe it can be more interesting if devs put something different
  4. i agree all classes have more than 1 weapon to use, casters may to use other type of weapon, nice
  5. We had already many towers, so i think we need some different think that we have, for that are events to put different things that the the game doesn't have.. Im not english speaker, sorry for any mistake and ty for read
  6. Why decrease de healing skills? Personal i heal before update 546, but now i heal 473... Thats make healers a sh.t
  7. this suggestion is good... For runners *z*
  8. in the next event Pls considerate melee class in that event was useless and this is unbalanced, melee class cant kill sam hain and dont be invite by other players
  9. Janier

    Buy Gold

    its not the same... The price of the items decay but the quantity of gold that u can buy will be always the same...
  10. Janier

    Buy Gold

    i want to buy GOLD... No miracles... Buy GOLD like buy mcoins...
  11. Janier

    Buy Gold

    i have a suggestion... I want to buy gold like miracles with money... It will be awesome, if you can purchase gold with money... For the next update, if you take it in consideration, it can be real... Thx
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