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  1. I was crafting a staff lvl 10 and I used a license who are supposed to duplicate your received craft items but when the craft ended it only give me 1 staff can help me with this? PD:I'm beginning to craft
  2. true, some of those mentioned here sound like "I'll choose my friends" but it's ok he says is him opinion
  3. Rogues can go in stealth and attack the flag, and idk if it can do still but dk can pull the flag near of croosing, elves need to pass through all mcs that stay only defending and they still win, your meaning of "balance" is that most need to win I all wars should be a draw? Lol strategy, nice for elves
  4. It's your opinion can be respected, but for much others there are ppl who doesn't deserve to call them the best
  5. Still bug in armistice skill and in the 3rd number down attack and defense
  6. My armistice cooldown time is the same as before is this a bug? I asked to others priest and they have the same problem idk about others skill, or there's no skill update?
  7. Totally agree with the change of tour reward, it's getting bored fight and waste of supplies just for cc, change it pls
  8. Janier

    Scamm page

    k ty for answer
  9. Janier

    Scamm page

    Can u guys block pages like it that promise free coins but they take ur acc info and then they take ur acc. pls if u can block it. ty * Image deleted by Legionn
  10. does rage stat work on heal? so a 800 heal +10% rage bonus will be 880?
  11. It seems too good, I hope that event will be great.. Nice the fix of "redemption" skill
  12. Good suggestion, it can be useful to trade items in the same acc principally
  13. i dont know where i can get lvl 18-19 belt?
  14. that cant be real, i love Veramicar and in this images dont say nothing really bad...
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