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  1. Gms u have literally scammed us. I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on this game because it entertains me. I mean thousands of dollars. You will not receive one more penny from me unless u fix this.
  2. Iluvweed


    I don't understand where all the hate for this guild comes from. I joined about a month ago and before that I was in vortex. Even while in vortex i never hated them. Did they beat us 3-1 a lot ya but we never got mad. But the way ppl talk in chat and here about sith u would think we just ducked their mom and sister. Does the hate literally stem from arena? Shit talking aside when im in 5v5 party we literally never lose. Not saying because of me im saying thats wut i see. If we do lose its to a good vortex grp and thats about it. Do we always run 5 locks? Nah, we have shamans also. Normal party's include 3 shamans 2 locks or 3 locks 2 shamans. No melee? Melee is not needed. That's just good strategy. Why use a melee class if they are not needed. Melee comes into play more in 2v2. I run my rogue a lot in 2's. But anyways if the hate literally comes from arena then thats just pathetic. These guys in sith r cool guys. No offense to vortex but I get along with them better then I did with anyone in vortex with the exception of some old friends that r still in vortex. Cya guys in arena ;D and feel free to hate me cause i love u :drinks: u give me gp 8)
  3. There is a rouge runnin around with my name its iluvweeedx and it's actually kingpikey. Iluvweeedx is an imposter and is not me. So plz be aware of who pms you and pay close attention to name. I'm not sure if hes tryin to scam ppl usin my name or wut but just watch out. I rly wish there was a way to prevent this.
  4. I think onyx looks cool i like sapphire also definitely takin it on my rogue tho
  5. I've recently been runnin 3 fireball 4 warp. 4 stones 1 chain and. 5 armor....mainly use armor because in arena it's always locks and shamans I have problems with. Even rangers i do good against not all but most. But I'm also full +10 full great enchant arena/gt gear. But before this spec I was runnin quad spec 4fireball 4warp 4stones 4chain and 1 armor...haven't decided which I like best. With both no melee rly stands a chance not shit talkin just stating facts rangers can be a problem with both specs but only if its a pro ranger. Recently been runnin arena on mc side with vortex but next tourny I'll be runnin with pernicious on elf side hit me up if u have any questions. :drinks:
  6. Kinda disappointed that im alrdy invested in this tournament so I can't quit...damn that costume is ducking retarded. You devs need to start posting these rewards before the tourny starts
  7. I don't take a ss of every little thing man lol think ive taken 2 ss the entire 3 yrs I've been playin and those were just of me and some friends. Its cool though u think wut u want bro. I just don't understand where all the animosity between all the guilds came from lol but owell if arguin and shit talkin makes the game more fun for u go for it. :dirol:
  8. Every range class runs...it's called kiting and its part of being a range class..I have not seen one person using a range class that doesn't run...and if I ever did I'd call them an idiot and tell them to delete and try again. And if you say you don't run xhero youre a liar bro. No shit talkin intended just stating common sense. See you guys in arena :drinks:
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