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  1. Bro snipe I'm in sitg and yes you have won in 2v2 and I have won please don't act like you just rape us with np..we cool but when talkin shit bout sith at least add in (except for weed) ;)...have we 1v1 we gotta do that soon. Back to topic lol...duck pallys and its obvious to everyone they a problem but everyone hates everyone so no one can get a point a cross without someone hatin...owell.
  2. My main complaint would also be that epic banner in 5v5 arena. All you have to do is lower it to only hit 1 target. Problem fixed. I don't really have a problem with banner 1v1.
  3. Buff pally? lmao no ty...Banner decimates all and if you think im wrong youre crazy. That's my dmg/def/mdef resil is 25.2 crit is 25.5 dps is 250 dodge is 32 Ive fought many strong pallys and the common thing between them all is that once they drop banner my health is pretty much gone and im not sayin I lose everytime but I am saying with my stats I should not be struggling that hard lol and the only reason I am is because all they have to do is pop banner and my stats get melted. Pallys new expert skill is useless? lol Nah you just don't know how to play pally.
  4. Iluvweed


    Legacy, a guild that is a growing force. At the moment we are in a recruiting/building stage. We are a lvl 3 guild with guild skills maxed. Our focus is arena/pvp/advancement. We strive to be the one of the strongest guilds on Sapphire, and we demand respect from our mc brothers and our enemies. Guild Rules/Requirements Since we are currently in a recruiting/building stage our requirements for newbies/explorers are low. As of right now every newbie/explorer is required to gain at least 500gp a week. This is subject to change. Another requirement that I am implementing is that all members must register at wearelegacy.guildlaunch.com(site is kinda ugly atm but we are workin on it lol). If you do not have access to a computer or any device that can open this page then we can make an exception. But all guild news/updates/rewards will be announced here. So make sure you stay up to date somehow because ignorance is no excuse. As far as rules go we do not have very many. 1. We do not attack Alumni guild inside pvpcave. Period. They will not attack you and they are not gankers so if you think they are ganking someone you are wrong. If you have issues or questions about Alumni members consult Sapphirex/Sexvixen. She is Alumni Leader. 2. We are not gankers, unless provoked. Even then please consult an Heir or myself. 3. Any guild vs. guild disputes must be brought to me asap. I will talk to opposing leader. Now this is not saying we wont kill elves outside of cave. We will participate in wars just not pvp cave wars. Outside of pvp cave its fair game. Pm me ingame my characters are listed below. If im not on pm a member.
  5. hows that br-tourmaline server ladygi?
  6. I buy mcoinz a lot and support all you free loaders that wanna ♥♥♥♥♥ and moan that ppl buy mcoinz and are better then you. Youre welcome for this most recent update and all future/past updates. My money paid for those. Sithlords :dirol:
  7. Hey ascetic wut is your name on league? Had to quit ws but league is more laid back I get like 2-3 matches in a day lol
  8. Iluvweed

    cya guys

    Most probably don't care and its w/e but to all my friends who care I'm out for a bit. I'll be back at some point but for now its time to take a break. Got a job that's gonna take up a lot of time. Also my daughters gettin older and requires more attention. Keep beastin and holdin it down. 8)
  9. In a recent pvp verse some random rogue in 3v3 I killed him before he hit me 4x because he was slow as duck wit axes...i personally will not be usin axes and will stick to my doom blade and doom rondel combo...just personal experience
  10. Probably a dumb question...but do current wins count or just win from this point on?
  11. themercs are just another elf guild that tried to beat the best and failed..nice try though but Sith will take another gold trophy ;D
  12. Ya sry meant belt=arena lol not legs
  13. Head=GT Body=arena Legs=arena Gloves=arena Boots=GT Staff=doom Rings=wut u said Amulet=wut u said With resi runes
  14. Gouge is only a must if youre a nb...4 merc 4 kickinback 4 dodge 4 stealth...my favorite setup. Quad sets r best in most cases. The difference between 4-5 isn't usually worth it.That's not always the case just most of the time .
  15. Resilience is only useful against other players. Def/resists are used for farming.
  16. I think poley and absalom secretly love each other O:-) you guys should just kiss and make up and make little warspear minion babies. :give_rose:
  17. Wow this is pathetic...is all i can say...just wow
  18. Always someone talkin shit..don't u guys get bored of the same conversations every thread? Yes I spent cash to support us through tourney...and I thank absalom for not allowing some random nb to pay chump change and walk away with somethin I worked hard for. Go ahead and continue bashing sith...makes no difference everyone hates on us until we inv them to join then they get excited they get to join us. Nbs will hate that is their nature. Cya guys in 2 weeks.
  19. Chains lvl increases distance pushed and duration
  20. I dont get spawn trapped. I kill ♥♥♥♥♥es before they kill me. Problem solved.
  21. What a dumb topic who gives a duck about lvl 6 arena. Only ppl who couldn't cut it at lvl 20 resort to tryin to be "pro" at lvl 6. Kinda pathetic really. But you guys have fun bein little ♥♥♥♥♥es and hiding in lvl 6 arena lol :drinks:
  22. You fail to understand the point of his post.
  23. Yes actually u did "scam" us. We were told we were receiving one thing for our guilds placement in tournament but instead we r receiving recycled bullshit. Told one thing givin another. Scam. Now fix it dont make excuses just fix it.
  24. I would prefer to wait for the costume I was told would be provided. I swear if I get that dictators piece of shit in my inbox u can say goodbye to my debit card.
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