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  1. Assuming that the servers are even online, I guess you could.
  2. You gotta assemble a private army of level 28 +10 super meta pros. Else you're sure going to die. I tried to solo it few times, but never even came close to succeeding.
  3. I think more than one other player. This shows that he doesn't care about them.
  4. 1600 dollars for a single skin for a single weapon. People seriously want to pay that:!
  5. We also have mountains where I live! Made by my father.
  6. Nice work, everything looks good too. Currently writing a short review, and the costume looks amazing!
  7. Trevor from Gta 5. No, all voive acting in Gta 5. It all sounds natural and you may forget it's a game, not real life. A space shooter that I play also had this uber-American accent (not southern/hillbilly, more like mid/northwest?). It fit in the game, but they got rid of it a couple months ago. Both Just Cause 2 (Sheldon) and Call of Juarez (everyone, it's a cowboy game) hit a sweet spot with me in terms of American English.
  8. As the title says, custom titles for guilds would, in my opinion, be cool. We have had the same titles for about 4 years now, and it might be time for (a bit) of variation. Now I don't know if this is possible, but if it is, it would add another element to roleplay value.
  9. Can we just get a Chinese server already?
  10. You are probably talking about the level 28 dungeon. To that, I agree, but those are intentionally made hard.
  11. If it were, you would be able to download it. Just wait until the Steam version is released, that one will apparently have full screen.
  12. That's exactly not the purpose of costumes. They are meant to be cosmetical items and shouldn't influence your gameplay (too much). By the way, seeing everyone in the same meta costume would be boring, wouldn't it?
  13. Always cool to see another old player. I don't think I remember you, though. A few changes: R0land is no longer the community guy. Iirc not a lot of fights at Nadir anymore, because everyone is farming dungeons (Could be because I never go to Irselnort anymore). The future updates looks promising, and the game is finally coming to Steam!
  14. Nosotraes

    Amping site

    I don't know if you can do this, but hopefully there will be a calculator a la ws-db.ru. Looks good though!
  15. Only 4 (or 3) years after the announcement! I'll probably sink quite some hours into this.
  16. Kingsman 2 is pretty darn good. Just came home from cinema. The action is over the top, as you'd expect, but it's good. Really good. I rate it 8/10.
  17. I finished all swamp quests once...
  18. reddit.com/r/aww This sub has a ton of pics from pets etc. Check it out if you want.
  19. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
  20. Wtf is the new design. I also had to reset my password. Anyway, I don't really watch series all that much. However, not all that much doesn't mean never. There are two series that I really like, which are Criminal Minds and The Blacklist. Criminal Minds is about some special FBI unit, dedicated to arresting serial killers. Some on screen gore. The Blacklist is about another special FBI unit, who work together with a rich, professional criminal. Watch for yourself, it's pretty good.
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