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  1. Isometric air is the best song fite me
  2. Let me guess, it's because you are a toxic person that doesn't want to change? Get a grip on life, mate.
  3. A combination of your extremely toxic attitude towards other players and the game in general could end up with the mods being so fed up with it that they may or may not mute you.
  4. Rayotenper, I believe you are starting to tread on very thin ice.
  5. Well, nobody is stopping you from doing exactly that, correct?
  6. Your attitude towards this game is a prime example of why the community is bad.
  7. >Social problems >and that makes me wanna point them with a gun Gee mister, I sure wonder why. On a serious note, most players don't give a flying duck about what is happening. They need buffs for their precious dungeon grinding.
  8. Wow didn't even know these were a thing in the first place lmao. Congrats everyone! On a side note can I get an official salty vet title?
  9. Oh wow I posted here too
  10. Depends on the screen/monitor type I'm using. Regular LCD --> Winter. OLED --> Halloween because winter burns my eyes out in the middle of the day.
  11. Hahahaha this guy is lost. I ask again: why do you play when you are clearly not having fun, I'd love to know why.
  12. Are you feeling alright, man? Trust me, attempting to min-max a game will only end in rage rage rage rage. It takes away the primary focus of any game. You know, having fun.
  13. Right so this topic is 5 years old now. Besides the necroing, I'm sure OP can purchase his own stuff now.
  14. Nosotraes

    Thank you

    Well, why are you still playing then? Do what I did, I never really looked back. I'm only online when the devs are handing out free stuff.
  15. PvE has always been better and less stressful than PvP. It feels like the game was made with PvE in mind, with PvP being an optional thing that was added way later.
  16. He probably quit, like a sensible person. Why, if so, did you quit the game?
  17. Immature idiot. What music have you been listening to lately?
  18. Two darkmist cloaks in a row, during the 2015 (I believe) halloween event. Sold them for about 300k. I am answering a question of a month and a half old, is it time to declare ded gaem?
  19. No because I don't really like people shaping their entire personalities around some online test they took and I don't wanna become one, sorry. With all the lockdowns around the world going on right now, how are you holding up for yourself?
  20. Neeeerd (congrats, that's really good!)
  21. Immortality is the greatest curse you could bestow on someone, so heaven it is. If you could add a zero to the value of any item you currently own in Warspear, which would it be?
  22. Could you explain these numbers to a non-indonesian player?
  23. The times are picked based on peak player count, which is probably also why the US-Sapphire event happens at 3:30 AM, which is when a lot of Indonesian people are playing.
  24. I need new endgame gear boss. Also, the 100 days online mythical achievement failed on the 88th day. So I'm stuck to at least the middle of march. If you could restart your Warspear career, what would you do different?
  25. That's one great question and quite a story I guess. First login was during halloween 2012. Three years later I had to retake an entire year of school. I got actual friends after that, my previous ones all left school. I still keep in touch with them and plan to keep on doing that, even though most of them are currently studying.Three years after that I had to retake another year. After this, I switched my entire future career path, from a tech-oriented one towards a more social-oriented one and I am currently planning to study tax law next year. Three years ago, nearing the end of first time fifth grade, a switch flipped in my head and I started paying attention to what my teachers said in class. My grades have quite greatly improved since then. I passed both my FCE and CAE English exams with an A+ during this time. I went through puberty, which in and of itself greatly changes you and your perception of the world. I spammed the forums for nearly two years, after which I became quite inactive (most of my 2300 posts of mine date back nearly 3 years now) after realizing just how much of an obnoxious asshole I was. My taste in music went from this weird indie-hipster genre, all the way through country to synthwave and currently progressive house. My taste in gaming also changed a lot: I played Warspear for nearly three years straight during 2012-2015 and I have some memories I am quite fond of during that time. After that my attention shifted to Planetside 2, an obscure MMOFPS for 2 years, along with SWTOR during that time. My Steam library has grown quite some and I now mostly play grand strategy games (EU IV and Stellaris). I now log on every day for that 100-day achievement, previous run failed at day 88. Overall, I'd say I have matured quite some, but not nearly as much as I expected I would have. However, I'm happy and that's what's important. The changes between the road networks of The Netherlands and Belgium are staggering: Dutch roads are well maintained, but as soon as you cross the border with Belgium, it's like you are driving through, with all due respect, some backwards shithole. The essence here is that there are massive differences between different countries regarding stuff we take for granted. Have you got similar experiences when crossing your state's or province's borders? Keep in mind that this doesn't necessarily apply to my example above.
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