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  1. The problem with joining guilds is that they either: Require you to be terminally online and participate in events (high level guilds). Are de facto inactive. This causes a big burden to those who wish to casually play the game and discourages lower level guilds from even existing: after all, unless your guild is level 3 or higher, you won't attract members. Add to that that you don't really have any bonuses and you are significantly weaker than those who are members of high ranking ones.
  2. While I agree with the aim of this post, recommending an end-game area to a (fairly) new and low level player to make money is a bad recommendation. The other tip I consider outrageous. Spend real money to get in-game money should absolutely NOT be a thing a new player is told by the admins. It gives a bad precedent for how the game works in general. As for actual, albeit probably outdated advice, you should probably just continue playing Irselnort for the time being. Afterwards you could farm the swamps for a bit but I recommend you explore the game world further.
  3. mc from 5 years back wouldn't have believed you lmao
  4. I got a sign exactly once in years of playing and thousands if chests opened. This argument just doesn't work, speaking from experience. Warspear is much, much more p2w/freemiun than other mmo's. An elegant solution I have seen is SWTOR's model: pay once, get access to uhhh.... Everything.
  5. Well I'm just not gonna spam the forum anymore, I was one of the few people who kept the International forum alive. I have moved on, there are way, and I mean way better games out there that I enjoy a lot more. I logged on yesterday and was surprised to see that a few people remembered me (even me being dutch) somehow.
  6. Hey, just saw this post. Started during halloween 2012 and I quit a while back since the game has just become too bad. I haven't really looked back and just kinda forgot that this place exists, despite me spamming the place back in 2015. Based on your post you played on US-Sapphire during its goldwn days. Pvprange banter was fantastic. Shame he sold his guild but it's alright. Proof: look at my content. Most of it stems from 2014-2015. Can I legally declare the forum dead?
  7. @Rayotenper Sure I got ganked, but after a while I just stopped getting bothered by it. When I quit pvp altogether and started to actively avoid it, well, it stopped. Long story short, I don't care anymore. You should try that, it eases up so much stress.
  8. The majority of my time played was lonewolfing PvE stuff on US. It has always (in my eyes) been a chill experience. Could also be possible that I just never saw an entire part of the community.
  9. I have played this game for 7 years. Nothing that that guy described happened to me during those 7 years, save for the scamming. But then I just started over and I'm in a much better position now. If you get irrationally angry playing the game you're doing something wrong.
  10. Forgive me for actually asking this again, but do you know why this happens to you specifically? None of these are really that common afaik.
  11. You see the thing is, currently players will ALWAYS outclass and outsmart bots in every possible way, making bots pretty much useless, especially when you model them after players with player-like gear. The only way this can be averted is to give them massive buffs. Take for example Star Wars: The Old Republic. If you played it, you probably know that you can get NPC companions. The only reason those are relevant is because they receive massive buffs and can effectively out-heal and out-dps you because of those buffs. Another thing is that the point of MMORPG's is to interact with other players. You take away the human element, why even bother with multiplayer in the first place? How will those "players" communicate? Teach them to use world chat properly? Time consuming and very likely not worth it. Have them respond to certain keywords in a certain matter? This can easily be abused. I am not quite sure about economy, but you will likely run into the same problem: too time consuming. I understand your point, and I wouldn't mind having them in-game. It's probably just not going to happen. Besides, we got minions.
  12. That really depends on the game. One MMO game that I play has relatively complex mechanics so creating bots there is next to impossible.
  13. Inflation is a real ♥♥♥♥♥ yeah. And it thankfully already happened on US-Sapphire years ago, when sign prices dropped from 36k/stack to 15k/stack. Grinding is in the company's name so I highly doubt they will make things any easier.
  14. Lemme just uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh log in and collect some gifts
  15. Yes, this is exactly what happened on US-Sapphire years ago.
  16. I couldn't have put it better myself. Fighting the same people constantly and losing against those people constantly because they just have way, way, way better gear than you have. It's an incredible turn off that made me focus solely on PvE, where progression still is skewed towards players with better gear, but not nearly as much as PvP.
  17. Yes, at least in its current form, which is heavily skewed to "better" players.
  18. Wow 60 people. That's like, so many.
  19. Bruh you really looked at the last post there and saw it was nearly 3 years ago and decided to post dang takes some courage
  20. I think he meant that in a general sense.
  21. I absolutely, wholeheartedly, completely agree with that. Despite it probably being a reskin of the past events, the damage boost on weapons is great and I love my swords.
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