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  1. Many class counter the rogue ranger druids bd and paladin with new update all elf class counter it can't kill any class 🤢
  2. We need new balance for the rogue class you killed it with this new update we can't use for pvp rogue now is easy
  3. Yeh bro they rogue is useless with the new balance 😔🤢
  4. we need rogue old balance because rogue is dead class easy to kill in pvp this balance is not equitable do we demand to the developers to make new update for rogue
  5. Nice information i hope developer will make the rogue like before because it's a dead class no shield no dodge rogue die Easley if developers don't fixe that so i think it's the end of this game because many peoples are mad about this BIG NERF
  6. They just killed the rogue class if they don't fixe that I'm gonna delete my character and the game too i can't quest mobs kill me easy i can't pvp too elf kill me by 2 hits rogue had no defence it's bad class
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