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  1. Exactly life scroll only heals like 200 new necro skill maybe heal 1k:[
  2. Able to revive ally after they die, with some talesmen in bag. Takes off quarter mana and 100hp. Cooldown 1-2 minutes.
  3. I have a ipod touch 2nd gen. it says its up to date but when I try and load warspear on it it says it cant connect to the server. is there something im doing wrong?
  4. support is taking way too long. and im getting nowhere with retrieving my account id. is there a easier way?
  5. i forgot to change my email before going over to my other account which when logging in realized got reset and now i dont know my ID.
  6. I had a warspear acct 2 years ago & went to crystal saga which I love but can't play cause my brother thinks it'll cause viruses. Anyways, I made a new account, and without realizing it forgot to put my email as my log in for my old account. How do I get it back? Or can't I?
  7. Yeah me too im like just let me put my username instead
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