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  1. The best tanks are barbarians and paladins,but BD's and DK's have highter damage. I can't really decide...
  2. Warlocks are good at 'crowd control' but the mage has highter damage than the warlock.
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    Btw wrong section
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    Seriously? /facepalm
  5. Updated! :) I am sorry if I missed something,but I will keep this updated. ;)
  6. Thanks for your comment Ladygi.I will definetely do that. :)
  7. Also being moderator does not mean that you will be GM in-game.
  8. Hello Warspear players. I made this guide for the newest players and some of the unexperienced too. [iN THIS GUIDE YOU WILL FIND] °Welcome to Arinar °Additional Information °Classes °What class you should play °How to start. °Novice Set °Important things that you should know. °Norlant Swamps. °New Expert Skills °Relic Quest. °Crimson Corundum °Arena Brackets °Set bonus's attributes: °Guilds. °Guilds Tournament. °Minions Guide °Other suggested topics. -Arinar-beautiful place full with friendly people,dangerous roads full with all kinds of monsters and different places to visit. Warspear-Online has a very interesting story that you may want to learn. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=85839.0 *How to invite someone in party -Menu->Interact->Invite to party °When you click on the "Interact" Option you will be able to: *Add to friends (add someone to your friend list,so you will be able to see if he is online) *Add to ignore list (add someone to your ignore list,so you won't see his messages.Also he won't be able to invite you in party) *Invite to Party (invite someone in group) *Private Message (Send a private messages) *Exchange (Exchanging Items and Gold with players) *Invite to guild (Invite someone to your guild) *Change Rank (Changing the rank of your guild mates) -In order to change someone's rank you need to be Heir or Guild Leader °Classes° *Blade Dancer-High Armor,High Damage.Blade Dancers can use Blades and Daggers. (Leveling:Easy). *Druid-Low Armor,Good Damage,High Support and High chance for surviving in danger situations.Druids can use Staffs. (Leveling:Medium) *Ranger-Good Armor,Very High Damage.Rangers are using Bows and Crossbows. (Leveling:Medium) *Paladin-High Armor,Good Damage,High Critical.Paladins are using One Handed Maces,Blades and Axes,Two Handed Maces,Blades and Axes and Shields (Leveling:Hard) *Mage-Low Armor,Very High Damage.Mages are using Staffs. (Leveling:Medium) *Priest-Good Armor,Low Damage,High Support.Priests are using Staffs. (Leveling:Hard) *Barbarian-High Armor,Good Damage.Barbarians are using Shields,One Handed Blades,Axes and Two Handed Blades and Axes. (Leveling:Medium) *Shaman-Low Armor,Good Damage,Good Support.Shamans are using Staffs. (Leveling:Easy) *Rogue-Medium Armor,High Damage.Rogues are using Blades and Daggers. (Leveling:Easy) *Death Knight-High Armor,High Damage.Death Knights are using Spears,One Handed Blade,Shield and Two Handed Blades. (Leveling:Medium) *Warlock-Low Armor,Good Damage,Good Control.Warlocks are using Staffs. (Leveling:Hard) *Necromancer-Low Armor,Good Damage,High Support.Necromancers are using Staffs. (Leveling:Hard) 1. What class should you play °Firstborn and Chosen° -If you are new player you should definetely choose Bladedancer,because you will have: High Armor(You'll take low damage) High Damage(You'll do a lot damage) °Mountain Clan and Forsaken° -If you are new player you should make a Shaman or Necromancer,because you will be able to heal yourself.You won't do much damage but I think that as a MC you will need heal. (You can choose different class ofcourse,but I think that it will be easier for you to go with these.) 2.Starting Okay after you created your character you can buy Novice Set(You can buy it from the Miracle Shop for 399 Miracle Coins) °Why you should buy Novice Set? Novice Set will make you stronger,also it includes cool costume.It will increase you Health Points,Mana,Damage and Defence,also using it at level 1 is very useful. At level 7 you will get better than the novice set weapon ,also you will start to get better items.I suggest you to get rid of the Novice Set at level 9-10. If you don't want to spend money it's okay you can make it without Novice Set too. Also be sure to loot all items when you kill monster,because later you will sell it and you will have some additional gold. During your journey you will have to fight very hard monsters and you will need help.I suggest you to ask in the world chat for some help or wait till other players come for this quest,because they are alot. 3.Important Things that you should know! °When you reach level 12 you will recieve a quest for going in Irselnort.This will cost you 270 gold! (If you don't have the gold I suggest you to start killing some monsters to obtain some loot and sell it to the vendor). °When you reach level 14 you will be able to get a quest that will send you to Norlant Swamps. You can get the quest in Camp-Gasphel(Elfs)/Armor Cliff(MC's) ¤Norlant Swamps¤ Norlant Swamps is a very cool place,but also it can be very frustrating. Ok,so when you go there you will get some quest wich ofcourse you will have to complete. The fun thing is that in order complete those quests you must use portals.Anyway these portald will teleport you at random place in Norlant Swamps,if your quest is not in that place you must find the portal to try again,but beware!At some locations you will see some very bad creatures. I suggest you to remove your items,because you probobly will die alot there and your items will break. °New Skills Everyone who has reached level 18 can learn brand new skills,to do that you will also need 40K gold.The new skills requires studying and you have to find manuals! You could receive them for completing dungeons, killing bosses or purchase from traders. You can find more info here: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=103027.msg757398#msg757398 ¤Relic Quest¤ While leveling you will probobly see the messege "Where is Relic". Basicly this is a quest which get at 14 level.You'll need to find where is the relic ofcourse,but you will have go ask all npc's at all 'cities',and someone will know where is it. You can also ask in chat and if you have luck someone will tell you where you should go. ¤Crimson Corundum¤ Crimson Corundum(CC) is in-game currency.You can earn CC by completing daily quests in Kamp-Riff(Elfs),Camp of Legion(MC's,also CC's are earned by completing the Relic Quest found in Ghost Village. With Crimson Corundum you can buy items(the vendor is in Nadir). °Tip-Save CC's,because Warspear is organizing different events with prizes and you will be able to buy 'awesome' costumes with CC. ¤Arena Level Brackets¤ °4-6 level° °7-10 level° °11-14 level° °15-18 level° °19-20 level° ~Additional Information about arenas~ *If you are 1 st in your bracket till the end of the arena tournament you will recieve special gift that will make you more powerful. If you collect enought arena points you can buy some cool items,minions or costumes.Costumes are the most expensive..They cost 8 000 arena points(Maximum) ¤Set bonus's attributes: To acquire the first bonus of a set item, you must wear at least two of the items from the set. To acquire the second bonus of a set item, you must wear the complete set compiled of four items, this will also grant you the first bonus. You can wear two parts of two different sets to acquire the first bonus of each set. The bonus is only counted once, not counted for each piece of the set in question. To work out what items go with a set, is by comparing the bonus attributes. If they match and are of the same armor type and level, they are part of the same set. A set contains, a helm, chest piece, gloves and a pair of boots. ¤Guilds and Guild Tournament¤ ~In order to create guild you need to be level 12 and also you'll need 30 000 gold~ By completing different quests your guild will earn guild points and if you have the most guild points you will win the guild tournament. Guild tournament is 2 weeks long.At the end the top 3 guild will win a prize. 1st:Costume/x10 Minions/x10 Signs and 10 000 gold. 2nd:Costume/x8 Minions/x10 Signs and 8 000 gold. 3rd:Costume/x6 Minions/x10 Signs and 6 000 gold. ¤Minions A personal helpers appeared in v3.7 update for game, they follow you like your shadow, they've 2 skills that can help you in battles & you can summon them using Summon Scrolls. Everything about the minions is here --> Minions Guide! Thanks to Born identities and Ladygi for the big help :) Suggested topics by Fantasy^^ °EULA RULES° http://warspear-online.com/en/rules/eula °Don't get scammed!° http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=74888.0 °Account Recovery° http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=58329.0 °Leveling guide in Irselnort° http://forum.warspear-online.com/index .php?topic=6496.0 °FAQ's° http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=83720.0 °How to be level 6 arena player° http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=99567.0 °Forum Community Rules° http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=43.0 °Rules of Conduct in Warspear-Online° www.warspear-online.com/en/rules/community °In-Game Emoticons° http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=332.0
  9. PvP Cave is a place where MC's and Elfs can do 1v1. But sometimes you'll see gankers.
  10. SD Staff is 220K. SD Blade 300K SD Rondel 100K SD Labrys 120K SD Hammer 80K SD Mace 40K SD Spear 200K SD Spadone 150-200K SD Bow 300K SD Crossbow 300K
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    Welcome to ARINAR!
  13. Lol I got scared when I saw the title.I was thinking that you will suggest something like timer for logout.I mean when you logout you must wait X seconds :D. Anyway I like the Idea. Good Luck!
  14. I think it says something like that: Dealing Physical Damage to the Enemy With a Knife. Cooldown-2 seconds Energy Cost-0
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