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  1. Elves are leveling very fast because of the easy quests.
  2. Lets place some additional bars at the left we dont need to watch our party.Or lets place them on the right who needs minimap.Or wait place them at the top we dont need our portraits. Seriously you have 8 bars/5basic skills/1expert skill and u can put potions in the other.
  3. The game is in 2D graphics.It will never be in 3D,and why it should?
  4. I am using the mobile version,because I don't really care about the signatures or the profile pictures,also the mobile version is loading faster.
  5. As I said Arena players.They cant levelup
  6. Level up to 14,and then buy: -Longbow -Arena Items -Search in the dealer for good items.
  7. I don't know on what server do you play,but in EU-Emerald BD's are welcome in LAB.
  8. Congratulations guys.Can you beat AoA again?
  9. Hello Administators! Before I start I want to tell you something about me. I'm playing this game since 2012,I used to be only in-game and not on the forums,but I started gaining more knowledge about the game,and I decided to start making guides,helping players and e.t.c. Anyway this is my guide.I hope you'll like it. 1. Nickname on forum, link to your profile FantasyPremium http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?action=profile 2. Name Ramadan Bialk 3. Age I am 16 years old. 4. Country Bulgaria 5. Education I am studying for Accountant in Nevrokopian Professional High School. 6. Did you ever work with game communities? Yes I was working for Scorched-WoW Community Forum.This was World of Warcraft Private Server.(Down for Upgrading) 7. Forum administration/moderation experience In Scorched-WoW i had GM rank which was something like moderator,but with some additional features. 8. When you are visiting forum? (weekdays, hours /GMT, please/) I am in the forum almost all day(I am using my Android too).7 days a week,EET,between 8:00-22:00(most of the time with my phone). 9. In your opinion, what's moderator's job is all about? Being a moderator means that you must take care for everything in the forum.Moderators MUST follow all rules gived to them by the administrators,also they must be: -patient -dedicated to his work -ready to do some extra work(if needed). Moderators must know what to do with some of the agressive players too. 10. What kind of events for the forum could you suggest to increase user's/guests interest? I have one idea. °Questions Event -GM is asking the players something about Warspear,and the first person who answer right will win points.In the end the person with the most points will win something,or his name will be listed in leaderboard. 11. What kind of forum contests/competitions can light up forum? (any ideas) -Warspear Poem(with rhymes) -Warspear Song(With video maybe) -Warspear New Event(like Halloween or Christmas) 12. Why do you applying to this position? Everyday I am seeing a lot of topics that are placed at wrong section,racist topics,reporting topics.Sometimes our moderators can't really 'fix' them fast,because they have other job or something.I want to help them with this not easy work.Also the forum will be moderated faster. 13. What forum section you would like to take care on? This can be choosen by you.I can moderate "New Players",General,Guilds,PvP and Arena. 14. Do you have Skype account? Yes,I do. 15. Game realm, nickname, guild EU-Emerald,Crazzykill,Fukedurmum ¤Thanks for reading my application,I hope you like it.¤
  10. Some players are using mobile device and ofcourse the mobile version of the forum.Signatures and Profile Pictures cannot be seen.
  11. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages.CANT DECIDE
  12. Some of them are working (maybe half of them).
  13. It won't be fair if the event is only for 20 level.What about the lower level arena players.They are stronger than half of the level 20 players.
  14. You should add more character information like MC or Elf.
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