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  1. Now just make the rare costumes like Wedgehead Werwolf or whatever unbindable again for 399 m.coins or more and everything will be perfect
  2. I also purchased 1k miracle coins for name change before i see that i was banned
  3. I was playing with my 23 level druid in Eu-Emerald today like 4-5 hours ago and when i tried to log back 10 minutes earlier it said that my account has been closed.So i want to ask why...why 3 years since i play and today you just block my hard made and expensive account for who i have paid alot of "HARD-EARNED MONEYS" to buy Miracle Coins today you just banned my account withouth a reason.I have never scammed anyone or sold/bought accounts till now since 3 years of playing so much my acount got closed. I know that Roland or other Moderator/GM will answer me with "Please send email to support"*add link to support*.Well i sent and email but i still don't have an answer. And you may also say "We can't do anything about it" or just lock the topic...If i dont get my 23 level druid back or just my 13 level items that was in him (because i paid alot for them) i will probabbly leave the game and never purchase anything again.This is the first time that i get banned with my account and i want to ask if it says that its closed does this mean its permanent or temporary?I just want to take my hard made account back.I hope you can help me because the GMs work is to help their players and i hope that you can remove the reasonless ban and let me keep playing your game or give me back my money that i have spend on it?Hope that i wont have to leave the game because i like it but today i lost so much and i don't know will i get back.I have some friends that got their accounts back after a ban but had to wait like 20 days and i can wait too, but pleasse don't just ignore or lock my topic withouth thinking about it. Pleasse answer me as fast as possible
  4. He is calling me scammer, because I bought a 13 level Axe +8 from a friend. "I am BLAMING you" xD -Helloweed
  5. AoA weren't even trying to get the 1st position. Don't get me wrong perfectelf are good,but if AoA take it seriously they will be dominating again. Anyway.... Good Job perfectelf :)
  6. (facepalm) its not bug only happens when necromancer uses his new skill....The necromancer is bugging the Guild Vendor with the skill...it doesnt matter if the bug is happening only if necromancer use that spell.
  7. GM's can't help you with that.Your Friend's Suit is lost. Sorry
  8. MC's have more suits,but its about time.Now if you noticed Demonologist is dominated by the elfs.I mean that everytime you go there you will see elf party,and soon the elfs will get more demo suits :D
  9. Dude you know everything about this forum all locations of topics are in your head
  10. OMG are you serious :D :D (rofl)
  11. I like the idea,but if this happens i hope they wont remove the demonologist ;D
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