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    xxamitxx got a reaction from Lukazzz in [2015.10.01] Game servers stop!   
    Roland we Tried Kill with 5 party still Fail ..
    because all adds up in short time
    Please decrease adds there or its up time
    Already Many days passed no one killed it so please......
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    xxamitxx got a reaction from centurion944 in [2015.09.15] Update Warspear Online 5.1 "Curse of the Black Elm". Release   
    Adds hit 200-250 its too high please decrease it
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    xxamitxx reacted to xxamitxx in [2015.09.15] Update Warspear Online 5.1 "Curse of the Black Elm". Release   
    Peter How long wait now ? 
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    xxamitxx got a reaction from Paritus in [2015.09.15] Update Warspear Online 5.1 "Curse of the Black Elm". Release   
    Peter How long wait now ? 
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    xxamitxx reacted to Peter_Munk in [2015.06.08] Preview: Warspear Online’s 7 years anniversary!   
    Warriors of Arinar, a great day is coming! Our game is turning 7 and we are going to have a tremendous celebration! Join our Holiday – you are going to  have an impressive event in store for you, because good old Horror Circus and Snow Boundaries are back, everyone gets special holiday skills, the Time traveller’s chest is full of presents and there are also other surprises are waiting for you! So, hurry up, because you will only have two weeks to enjoy this grand event.

    Snow Boundaries and Horror Circus
    Recalling your best moments is always a brings great pleasure. In our game best moment always come with biggest Holidays, like The Day of World Creation and Median Night Holiday, always present you with great moments. So let’'s bring them back, so that you can join enjoy them once again!
    The war leaves no time for thoughts, though now many should look back and think how it all began.

    A year ago, the White Stones appeared on the Four Peoples Islands, and no one had any doubt that is was the White Elder who sent them into the world, exhausted by continuous strives and battles. His message remained unanswered, and over the past year the war has spread to Ayvondil, which wounds had just begun to heal.

    Druids and sorcerers, shamans and warlocks are sounding the alarm. The air is filled with magical power that becomes stronger and stronger every day. And the source of this power lies somewhere beyond Arinar...

    Someone says incredible things that several thin streams have been detached from the great Time River and that they flow backwards now! But how can that be possible? And if so, can they help us travel back to the past?
    Something's coming. Arinar is trembling in anticipation.
    During this Holiday you will have get the opportunity to complete lots of special quests and you also get a chance to win amazing prizes in Horror Circus and Snow Boundaries!
    attack and defence spheres; catalysts and essenses; holiday potions; unique belts of the 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20 and 22nd levels; rare rings and amulets of the 5, 10, 15 and 20th levels that increase physical and magical damage by a certain percent; new unique weapons of the 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20 and 22nd levels (!!!) with excellent bonus "Rage"!; unique weapons of 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19 and 21st levels with bonus “Stuning”; unique cloaks, rings and amulets of 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20 and 22nd levels with physical and magical attack bonus. And special prizes for defeating Sam Hein and Evil Sandro!

    Win Sam Hein and see what you can find in his treasury! There are lots of gifts, including unique weapons of 21 level, Sam Hein costume and also rare costumes from the last holiday: Petruccio's Garb, Coviello's Garb, Punchinello's Garb, Arlekin's Garb, Joker's Garb

    But that’s not all! Winning legendary monsters on the entry to the labyrinth can bring you their costumes, including new costume of Dermonologist, Beholder, Snorlar and Bonewinged Guard!

    Sandro’s Palace. Gigantic Ice Palace is located deep under the Snow Boundaries. Those who dare to enter it must be extremely careful, cause they can meet dangerous monsters and new bosses! Fight them and get Crimson Corundums, unique costumes of Horned Yeti, Ice Golem, North Cyclop, rare weapons of the 22nd level and other prizes!
    Evil Sandro is extremely dangerous and you have to prepare for the worst but if you win, you can get a unique Evil Sandro costume and his treasury containing unique weapons of the 22nd level, Favoniy, Wulturn, Auster, Aquilon and Snow Queen's costumes, Crimson Corundums and other prizes!

    More information about awards - in our previews: Snow Boundaries and Horror Circus.
    Completing special holiday quests will bring you a special gift - Nyan Cat Smiley! You will have this possibility for only two weeks, so don't miss it!

    Time traveller’s chest
    A new chest will be added to our Miracle shop -, namely Time Traveller’'s chest, in which you can find many amazing and precious things. There It will becontain:
    Brand new costumes
    New costumes is a war vestments of warriors of one ancient Order, who once participated in the most brutal battles of Arinar. War of the Spear vanished the remnants of this brotherhood and treasure hunters spent many years searching for any parts of their precious armor. Many of them died. But now, when even the memories of them were almost gone, Time traveller's chest brought back some of the lost artifacts. They must be yours!
    Antiquities Hunter
    Antiquities Hunteress

    Lord of Ice Charms
    Lady of Ice Charms

    Warrior of the Vast Shadow
    Lady Warrior of the Vast Shadow
    ...and popular old ones
    Guardian of the Shrine
    Warden of the Shrine
    Pilgrim of the Wasteland
    Wanderer of the Wasteland
    Circus Scarecrow Costume
    Rare decorative skills

    Rune Oracle's Knife
    Rune Oracle's Broadsword
    Rune Oracle's Broadaxe
    Rune Oracle's Stave
    Rune Oracle's Bow
    Rune Oracle's Crossbow
    Rune Oracle's Shield

    New crystals and runes

    Crystal of Agility - increase skills cooldown
    Vampirism Rune - adds «Health stealing» bonus


    Summon Wild Wyvern
    Summon Depth Horror
    Summon Swamp Hermit


    Gladiator's Great Elixir
    Great Elixir of Unity
    Great Elixir of Knowledge


    Copper Bar
    Silver Bar
    Gold Bar
    Platinum Bar
    Mithril Bar
    Holiday skills
    During the holiday celebrations you will be able to use two unique skills: "Throw a cake" and "Surprise cake". Don’'t be shy, throw them cakes into at your enemies and friends, it’'s very a lot of funny and almost safe.
    thing to do, what What else you can do onis there to do during a holiday celebration besides having fun?

    Arena season ending
    Arena season winners will have been be awarded in on the day of the update, then begins the new season with new rewards will begin.
    All the details of new rewards will be published on a release day, so follow our news updates.
    That’'s all for now. See you soon!
    AIGRIND team.
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    xxamitxx reacted to Peter_Munk in [2015.05.25] Week of Galore! Double bounty for Guilds and Dungeon Explorers   
    Warriors of Arinar!

    We’ve got some awesome news for you! All bounty hunters can fill up their chests this week! Don’t lose your chance to become rich – defeat your competitors and get rare in-game items.

    Event starts on May 25th at 12:00 CET and ends on June 1st 13:00 CET.

    - Chance of obtaining Catalysts and Essences is doubled
    - Guild Points reward for Dungeon completion is doubled
    - Amount of Crimson Corundums awarded for winning the Guild Tournament is doubled
    - Guilds that come in at 4th to 10th place will be awarded with Crimson Corundrums

    And also, in every dungeon on Heroic difficulty you will have the chance to obtain rare Troll costumes!

    What is the key to victory? Masters of martial arts have taught us that in order to defeat the enemy, you need to take him out of sanity. And a Troll costume fits the purpose best, because its smirk amuses some and make others nervous, which is a perfect way to disrupt internal harmony. No magic tricks – just put on the Troll costume and advantage over the enemy is yours!

    Drop chance for the costumes does not depend on the character’s level.

    See you in the game!
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    xxamitxx reacted to sexydon in [2015.04.28] Warspear Online 4.10. Artisans of arts. Release   
    Why you didn't create new resources for rings, amulet,cape
    I have lvl 14 on cloth armor price of resources too high now
    And check lvl 13 on amulet craft there something wrong
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    xxamitxx reacted to Peter_Munk in [2015.02.13] Happy Valentine's Day!   
    Warriors of Arinar, the most loveable Holiday of the year – St. Valentines Day - is on the way! Throw arrows of love in your foes, cover your friends with shields and support them with buffs!

    There is a tradition to give beautiful presents to each other on this day. And we have a special Holiday offer to make it easier! Only this weekend – 75% off on all decorative skins!

    And keep in mind our traditional promo: 50% more Miracle Coins to all payments except SMS-service! And dont forget about 60% off on Seeker’s Stamina Elixirs!

    Live long and prosper!
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    xxamitxx reacted to xxamitxx in [2014.12.24] Warspear Online 4.6: The Triumph of Evil Sandro. Release   
    Bc exam chal rhi college me
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