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  1. Maybe he didn't have the right proof. Because for me since i was questing ayvondil its preety obvious i had used the permeace elixar.

    And i have proof of that as well as proof of me completing staraps and right at that moment took proof that i leveled up While elixar permeace effect still going.

    i surely hope that they will help u,i bet its not impossible at all to change ur lvl back to 10,as we saw daelmar lvl from 1 to 18 in few secs

  2. Imagine if somehow the support helps by bringing back my level to 10.. That would be more rarer than a miracle. And because of their unknown bug. But they don't want Dragonskey level down to 10

    Ether theyre ignoring which is most likely or idk. Ive thought that supports was supposed to help with this kind of thing


    I know it's not Impossible to bring it back down to level 10 or why its taking so long.

    Yeah same happened to deaaths lvl 6 and they didnt help at all :(

  3. Forsaken quest ain't hard,they just make you walk too much for a single quest that give you 2XP .-.,i don't remember the name,but there is a quest where you have to walk from t1 to the last town gathering some items then comeback to t1 like wtf?

    The t1 dice quest where u need to walk to every town and lastly back to the first one  ;D

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