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  1. could you please show your amazing rogue instead of talking trash, please? :)

    He had full +10 old ench rogue with a high ducking dodge and 500+ dmg with swords,but items are sold,also he has full +10 old ench barb with arena reward

  2. it was a test. I know what is good and what isn´t. and yea, slow af, but better dmg than with daggers. I like to hit 2200+ crits instead of 1800 crits. but better you dont say unless you´ve tested yourself.

    i have had rogue lvl 14 with +10 axes,+10 dagger,+10 swords,i mostly preferred swords. and atm my rogue has +9 swords and 32% dodge and i win full +10s. Dont say unless u dont know 



  3. Who is the support? Because from the sound of it snorlax said he wasn't and i don't think Roland is either. What about kuzmitch?

    Or is the support a group of Developers that we can't ever have contact with? It's really confusing now that you don't know who to contact incase of a serious bug or in-game issue Caused by The item Developers Made.


    Also Is this comment True?

    yes it is, and u have 1  ;D

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