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  1. no,he just amped and then disconnected and got block
  2. He had full +10 old ench rogue with a high ducking dodge and 500+ dmg with swords,but items are sold,also he has full +10 old ench barb with arena reward
  3. nice friendly range at background very nice 'rogue'
  4. i said i had, and said that i have those +9's atm,i dont need life steal to win pvps,my dodge takes care of that
  5. even with low dmg and def
  6. i have had rogue lvl 14 with +10 axes,+10 dagger,+10 swords,i mostly preferred swords. and atm my rogue has +9 swords and 32% dodge and i win full +10s. Dont say unless u dont know
  7. My friend (communism) amped +10 helm in test server and got 7 days ban
  8. ewwww,2x axes are slow af,very bad at pvp. and why retri runes on weapons? rogue is based on dodge
  9. add dozy in list, in my opinion #2 druid after fastearr
  10. Koff


    You can pay with paysafecard using MOL option. You just have to go to their site,there is ''Reload'' option and then choose paysafecard.
  11. When punch of immigrants walks towards me Your favourite song lyrics?
  12. Roland,dragonskey has been longest the best lvl 10 and he got arena rewards from many years ago,has used alot of time and money on that paladin. Would be nice from u to get him back to lvl 10.
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