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  1. Well active ones must be 1. Xxdeaathxx 2. Logrimy 3. Lyzia
  2. Buy counter,hamstring ppl from 10 yards and amp a little
  3. Cant find my own lvl opponents at cave so have to pvp high lvls
  4. So i wanted to make this video to show how op the bd hamstring really is. Bd isnt supposed to be ranged class, but how hamstring still affects from 4-10 blocks away? Im not the first one to complain about this and i bet i wont be the last one. Really,fix this please.
  5. ooh nostalgic, so many old players in 1 video
  6. i might make lvl 26 lock sometime,but lennoj will stay 14
  7. well lock is only good if it has high cd,as i have 20,2%
  8. i asked getducked and he said that arinesse is not babynatali
  9. ur gonna miss some funny shit my friend
  10. i have updated some screenshots what she keeps doing,are girls really like that in periods?
  11. i hope i wont get banned or anything from this? in forums i mean
  12. he is xd kim is male name in finland
  13. kim is communism,feminism and izneyk
  14. more and more screenshots coming,she keeps pming me all the time saying sorry,an after that again insulting me
  15. well kim told that she/he might be trannynatali aka babynatali but she said that she has lvl 22 bd arinesse
  16. So this happened today after i pvpd lvl 24 bd and had 1k hp left,look all screenshots for some funny shit. I also have video where we pvpd and she/he had dmg pot on and still lost Sorry about my bad language but i got so pissed off
  17. Who else is having this problem with full screen? u have those black bars next to the game and when u open chat it will stay on the background. I have to rezise to 80 for nice size of the game
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