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  1. not bad at all, i would like to pvp u
  2. who has higher? and pls dont say that u count people whos in guild with dmg skill
  3. Edit : so far biggest dmg for warlock lvl 14
  4. I want to see more good lvl 14's pictures
  5. cmoon roman,i should have rcorded it.u were in sithlord and i raped u so hard,u won me like 2 times where i won u 10 so stop bullshitting
  6. Dont u remember how we pvped and i won u more than u did me? and u were in sithlords
  7. I can kill everyone else lvl 6 on my barb except sexkitten and sexdragon,so yeah barb is pretty good
  8. Mortarion/dieinpeace both has high dodge and very good tactics
  9. Koff

    Blueberry smoothie

    Maybe they should change the info of the pot then
  10. Hey, found this bug on blueberry smoothie while testing some pots. Says it increases heros magical power but as u can see,it doesnt increase at all
  11. Hey roland, does the lvl 14 cloth craft boots bug get fixed on this update?
  12. Sorry everyone,dont mute me for helping friend
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