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  1. u can get adblocker to google chrome what blocks all ads
  2. download google chrome and it might work
  3. idk why but if i click that link on pc it just redirects me to youtube home page,maybe u should paste the link via computer not phone into forums ^.^
  4. gimmeataco with +9 staff and some +6 gear used to beat the shit out of my full +10 barb so yes,priests are very good. Necros are bad because dont have many skill points and shield and heal steals hp everytime u do it so its not worth it.
  5. Koff

    lvl 10 arena char?

    I would suggest dk,my dk has 5k def and 288dmg and i can beat 400+ dmg bds kinda easily.
  6. Tea more than coffee Are u more into pvp than pve?
  7. 1 thing what they should fix is screen bugs,every other class than bd has screen bugs and its annoying for area skills like circle and paladins fetters etc.
  8. Bladedancers Do u have any hobbies in real life?
  9. Friendly people who doesnt say bad words about someone in every sentence like everyone in warspear What is ur dream car?
  10. Hell yeah How hot it is in ur country right now?
  11. druid,bd,priest all good classes. Druid with high cd can full stun enemy without taking any damage,priest also with high cd can do the blue skill and mana burn all over again.
  12. are u kidding me? Bd's has counter what kills any class easily,i have seen full +10 dk getting hitted 1200 2x in a row by counter and hamstring what lasts like 5 seconds while any other class has low stun times. So pls delete ur bd and make a real class,not a class what is only made for pussies and unskilled players. And did u see that pvp i did vs that bd in the end of video? thats what hamstring does everytime,works from 100yards away while rogues needs to be right next to enemy to couge.
  13. u should see bds skills and then say this game is unbalanced
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