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  1. Hello. There is advantage for Seeker class in Spring dungeons, seekers can run the red lazer area in dungeons while on stealth without taking any damage or get stunned. That is why there is many seekers in top weekly ratings and top guild point makers in guilds. other classes at elf gets stunned and takes more time to pass it. 


  2. Another little point. Amps in a low lv arena like the lv6 give a little ammount of defence / damage. So that means that a skilled enough player might have chances vs a high amped one. Maybe a warlock or a shaman or even a rogue. Amplification in arena is a good factor, but it's not all ;) ( allow me to mention mcs, since you ONLY posted screens of elves )

    i beat all except 3 mc characters what all have full greatness, and my def can reach 4,2k with full def set so it doesnt give a little amount of defence  ;D



  3. Why everyone elses dmg went up with 3 or more but mine didnt? My dmg was 444 before event.


  4. What you talk doesn't even make sense.

    I'm playing this game way longer than you and I surely can tell you that I'm way better known than you are.

    You have never seen me playing, I would consider myself as a good and experienced player, but no way claiming about myself to be the best, being overly confindent is not good for anyone :)


    Yes, you definitely are everything I will never be, refering to cocky, rude, disrespectful and childish, and many more things which I rather keep in my mind because I don't wanna be on the same very low level of behaviour like you are.

    Jul, dont mind about him. He is just rich who amps all characters +10 and buys friends. U will always be my fav elf  :blush:  #flyhigh

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