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    onks wintersunii enää olemassa?
  2. i beat all except 3 mc characters what all have full greatness, and my def can reach 4,2k with full def set so it doesnt give a little amount of defence
  3. And sorry to say but cybernem deleted his accs by himself,even if devs could get last ip on acc would be his. Get ur facts straight before posting anything
  4. Asked mia and she said that she hasnt ever went through this chat with him,so u really have to make chars in different servers to insult us? U really hate us that much lmao? Sad kid
  5. U really believe everything someone says in internet? Dumb kid
  6. good thing what i did to u brainless moron :D:D:D
  7. In Us-Sapphire acelock and ucess are the best ones in my opinion.
  8. Koff


    Omg i quit
  9. Koff


    Why everyone elses dmg went up with 3 or more but mine didnt? My dmg was 444 before event.
  10. Idk how to explain it but u see the difference on that druids name on those pics after it goes behind the window thing
  11. Jul, dont mind about him. He is just rich who amps all characters +10 and buys friends. U will always be my fav elf #flyhigh
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