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  1. I never said quickly kills , its very simple 5min time to run like a chicken without head and money I dont think so ,every report must be checked from airgrind. Wrongh reports gets also bann.
  2. Im a active player since the first days of warspear, May we dont need a yearly money grabber skill crasher update. We only need a fair arena system, As example ; A charmer+0 run circles , calling dogs stun and run and kills a max melee char full+10 full arena. The same way exist in every distance class , Also some melee classes can use skills to run endless circles, those thinks killing the community, Since years i see how free2play chars going lower and lower , the most peoples in arena using dual phones to win 100% with the run and hit ,,Tactic" or spamming afk with 4-10 chars. They call it self professional tactic xD everyone know the Problem why this game die, We are losing yearly more mebers then we get bcz everyone understand after leveling 30 lvls that this game is ripped of in the last and most important section PVP. in pve everything is fine since ayvondil updates. There is a easy solution a report button against runner ,dual login cheater and co in pvp, First strike 1 day bann Second strike 1 week bann Third strike 1 month 4th strike 1 year bann.
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