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  1. If u play any elf class and get killed by chief: a) u don't have eyes b) u dont have hands (cant react fast using foot) c) u play at max zoom Best passive skill Firstborn Classes that deal most dmg Seeker/ranger Most tanky class Warden Class with best healing skills druid Class with best control in game For now Tempelar Stop live in bubble, mc classes are weaker than elfs, if u +5 pve elf dont expect if u lose vs +10 mc class, its not about class only, players and gear make diff too. Mc have overpowered charmer for now, who can summon 5 tanky dogs and barb who is still strong in pvp its all.
  2. Rouge is useless in most of pvp content, work only well in 1v1 fight, chieftain is easy to outplay he have impressive dmg but 0 cc, charmer is op, but if we compare it to what elfs have, bds, rangers, palas, tempelars, druids, if we compare, mc side dont look that good as u think, It is not without reason that more players are playing on the side of sentinels
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