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  1. The max reward is only level 13,so not all ppl have it
  2. Hello Guys, I known as Godussop or Alsolazy, well the second one I stole someone name when he change name xD I was level 10 since 2k18. Yes, I m one of level 10 enjoyer in this game, and I bet there's lot people like me, since this game is a sandbox, but this year, I never seen a good event in Starter Map, I remember when you guys make event like drop item level 6-12( snow, horror, spring equipment) in starter map before update like revamp starter map and decrease hp boss. I miss that time, but now, it's over, after update, you guys never care about starter map anymore, and the boss reward is also low chance to drop, yeah, the hp is lower, but it's not a good deal, just bring back hp boss like before update, player also need a good equipment to farm and skill to use. Now, we have talent system, but, it's not fair for us level 10 enjoyer, we only have 75 each run dungeons, and 90 after we have knowledge buff, it's good, but it's still not fair, look, we need 30K knowledge for upgrade middles skill talent, do you think it's not Too high? For level 10,even spam dgs with 900daily dungeon, we still can't got in 1month,if just 15k and finale is 30k,im okay with that, but, it's too high. I suggest to add more little event in Starter Map, like we have a Unique Raid Boss too in starter map. And only level 6-13 can join. I bet, it will bring the community back in starter map. With knowledge reward or anything. Thank you.
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