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  1. Rage / Stunt Crystal please.
  2. can you just add button to able or disable those notification and move into information panel , not in area chat because this is very annoy.
  3. free ? nobody force you to buy it, if u dont like it just dont buy. this is how mmorpg works.
  4. Note that you can now use your digital login, which is automatically given to you when creating an account, on one device only. To start Warspear Online on another device, you will need to change a digital login to your e-mail address. This only applies to new accounts; if you have been logged by a digital login on several devices for a long time, you do not have to change anything. i dont get this >> digital login
  5. quest chat ? seems good idea
  6. the more u give attention to stalker the more they become so. pliskin is right. and thats the reason ignore button created. That's why ignore button created That's why ignore button created That's why ignore button created That's why ignore button createdThat's why ignore button created
  7. here is the official answer http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/44135-really-is-this-really-necessary/
  8. next after this druid and priest cry begging for dual wield staff
  9. ranger are fine, they deserve blessing just like the rogues deserve stealth , ranger are totally balanced right now, about singel click increase 100% dmg its normal since their attack bar is full which its mean ranger is killer classes. stop complain about ranger , we need complain about bd these days.
  10. adywijaya

    Linkin Park

    maybe you mean Lincoln Park , yes it was a park.
  11. you censored "Her" whats wrong with this game ?
  12. this is no needed, dont buy/sell char, ignore who spamming , provocating, propaganda. im going for no.
  13. you can use taunt to signal , not fetter justice.
  14. thats still no make a sense. your logic is not working.
  15. Sell Dazzling Staff +9 200k (SOLD) Sell sign 15k 16 set left sell guild lvl 2 200k sell Median Night Cache & World Creation Cache = 30k set sell Wedgehead Executioner 300k , Vampire Male 300k, Night Wolf 300k, Snowman 150k , Wild Boy 100k, Sell Archmage Skin 150k, Bloddy Stick (the most rarest skin) 150k All is us server , MCS Pm in Game Adywijayax , Necromancer lvl 19 (atm)
  16. Daelmar (GM) is warlock @ US server who levelled lvl 1 - 18 in 1 second and non-inspectable.
  17. Rahmat (NPC at norlant) is common name used in indonesia. Kota mean City Ravva (Rawa) mean swamp
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