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  1. Any skill which it can cast on-self & ally.
  2. Dont get me wrong , your statement is true , yes you can be good without $ but you should write (also) , it need much effort and time. Nothing easy in this game. thats what i was meant.
  3. your argument is not 100% true , not all mcs being jerk like this and thats not happen in mc only. no they was doing it right now , they make u unable to create new hero in your side until the population is balanced dont you realized ? they can do anything this is their game. thats cool how u called being overpopulated is a workteam , seems legit. yes i know you like play the side who always overpowered, and they move not only because "new things" , but also mcs got over nerfed and elf gain buff , buff and buff in every updated , thats whats make elfs population grow so fast. nice
  4. how can this feature become unfair ? this just improvment good game experience, so the game will be better.
  5. Goblins Potion of Greed: During the time of the potion (1 hour) the player receive x2 amount of gold from compleating quests and from selling items to npc. ^^ This will ruin the economic in the server it self big no.
  6. Rogue - Kick in the shit, reason : you know why.
  7. Anyone play Dota 2 ? there much skill at dota 2 looks like in warspear.
  8. so the issue is already been there for years , and dev is still not yet fix it. but if they do its will be really funny and make no sense lol.
  9. because warspear i do know which game need skill to be professional and which is not.
  10. You should realized the root of problem (since youre mcs also) is better skill & easy mode class, people stop playing mc (just like you) and move to elf because their skill way good and "little" op. Mcs do boycott war today , today is official mcs dont give a vuck about war until we got balanced in number and skill. Give em the bonuss buff cuz they need it.
  11. War started 3 Minutes later War is over seriously , its 3 minutes
  12. Maybe this suggestion already suggested but no official answer and just fade away, i really like if you implemented the feateure when u double tap on skill it'll cast on self, like healer. just like Dota 2, this will be useful feature and save time on dungeon.
  13. or just make warlock available to use cbow & bow ? warlock already have dark arrow
  14. *balancing the game *re-grow the mcs population with giving better skill of course balanced skill
  15. Druid is balanced, their link is works if only with party. and its already nerfed no need change anything.
  16. thanks xxdeathxx and malliwidx for the support , to whoever still sayin elf power and populate is balanced is just too blind to see the reality, more than who already retired who never realized the game has changed and still think the game is same as old days, you funny. i dont know but today group of mcs have make a deal to not join a war because they realized its just pointless, we'll lose because the number. and gm still not change shit.
  17. Money, soon or later they will make it possible as long as it's can be $ source for them.
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