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  1. ok sooo whats the point of this topic ? about lack of gold and complaining on forum ? hard to sell stuff because overpriced ?
  2. you dont need write any script to mapping those keys.
  3. if its can cast on self and ally then it should be available to use this feature, the pattern is simple as that, if you dont understand i cant help it google maybe can help you.
  4. made exception for druid link then,
  5. there is button on/off when u want to activated/deactivated this feature , u havent play dota 2 b4 ? no wonder.
  6. Bump , dev should read this
  7. the achievment will be like Bought 1k mcoin : reward 15 mcoin Bught 2k mcoin : reward 30 mcoin
  8. and the point is you still scammed ladygi's gears and not yet give it back right ? i smell someone always trying to off-topic.
  9. anyone lvl up kick 5/5 is kinda retarded.
  10. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/36209-20140805-in-development-control-points/
  11. Im sorry to heard that ladygi , but at least you know who is she. Never trust people in internet anymore.
  12. Any skill which it can cast on-self & ally.
  13. Dont get me wrong , your statement is true , yes you can be good without $ but you should write (also) , it need much effort and time. Nothing easy in this game. thats what i was meant.
  14. your argument is not 100% true , not all mcs being jerk like this and thats not happen in mc only. no they was doing it right now , they make u unable to create new hero in your side until the population is balanced dont you realized ? they can do anything this is their game. thats cool how u called being overpopulated is a workteam , seems legit. yes i know you like play the side who always overpowered, and they move not only because "new things" , but also mcs got over nerfed and elf gain buff , buff and buff in every updated , thats whats make elfs population grow so fast. nice to hear that , you always do my old friend. dont say elf side never talk crap smack trash ? The point is not only the attitude, but skill takes most percentage why elf population grow bigger and bigger. i hope you enjoy your druid , druid pretty balance right now.
  15. how can this feature become unfair ? this just improvment good game experience, so the game will be better.
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