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  1. bump everyone and gm should read this good idea
  2. we need new item to boost our reputation of course this will be bring AIGRIND so much $$$ , [Elixir of Reputation] give boost 100% of any reputation in 12 hours , how much they should cost ? well idk its AIGRIND right to decise it. we really need it so wont take so long getting 5k reputation, in fact when 5 island unlocked mean u have to collect 5 reputation = 25k rep =O i hope gm implementation my idea
  3. yes sulla is totally correct , its not common lag. happen more than 20 minutes me and my friend count it lol.
  4. check Blackdove my friend necro lvl 24 and Whitedove rogue lvl 20 , its 1 Acc and this happen for more than 15 min, the hell happens ?
  5. mcs aint lazy , they already knew before war started mc wouldnt win so why bother ? number never lied. watch ur mouth before call whole mcs is asshole.
  6. Death already played for years and he is sith leader #1 mc guild who always contribute to warspear with mcoin (gm should consider this point when make decision), you wont lose anything will do favor to him.
  7. so reselling is the root of the imbalance on warspear ? get real retard
  8. if you cant level down him at least make all his gears back to equipping without lost the ampify so he could make another lvl 6 and use the gear if its possible , i feel so sad for you death bro , youre old and nice player. sad this thing happen to you hope for the best
  9. no u dont need, thats why peoples think this contest just full of bulls.h.i.t some people try hard and got nothing because he dont even know well with the admin gravv boss should in 3rd or 4th at least.
  10. yes its possible but the problem here is someone making excuse without strong prove. this ridiculous , too many hating in warspear.
  11. player who always play in same location doesnt mean he using bots , you need more than that to prove someone using bots.
  12. funny how this contest is allowed their admin to join it.
  13. yes , god protection is removed , this is epic fail
  14. the point is elf has got better skill & better expert when mcs getting over nerfed in every updated , thats whats makes elf population grow so fast and that is the main problem in every server when war is coming is just like Rape Hour for mcs, and yet dev still close their eyes to see this situation , a thread with 12 pages probably will open their eyes. i hope.
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