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  1. BEST GUIDE TO ANY NEW PLAYER WHO JUST WANT TO SELECT CLASS TO START GAME : go quit , delete/uninstall the game. its not worth play it. try other games.
  2. they still called it "incredibely rare" russian logic
  3. you can be strong with short way like many elfs do -make girls character -act like you real girl -learn how to flirt thru text -make forum profil with girl picture and dont forget -girl fb -lick som rich people's ass GL
  4. 4/4 fatefull connection 4/4 jump rogue ?
  5. the skill is just like troll warlord @Dota 2, seems u never play other games
  6. this is should be implemented , i already did it since 6+ months ago
  7. play dota 2 and learn what tactic/strategy is.
  8. why is still fake, he is hassn though king of middle east AOA leader rich people no wonder he had 32m like that.
  9. yea its should be more than 10m take a look of this
  10. How much is the maximum gold on 1 char ?
  11. im not lazy and im not mcoin user to be honest.
  12. actually warspear never give new update/ new feature if its not bring any profit to the company itself.
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