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  1. this is should be implemented , i already did it since 6+ months ago
  2. nice idea druid next update
  3. play dota 2 and learn what tactic/strategy is.
  4. why is still fake, he is hassn though king of middle east AOA leader rich people no wonder he had 32m like that.
  5. yea its should be more than 10m take a look of this
  6. How much is the maximum gold on 1 char ?
  7. im not lazy and im not mcoin user to be honest.
  8. actually warspear never give new update/ new feature if its not bring any profit to the company itself.
  9. this just genius answer , actually thats why he asking.
  10. thanks everyone for the comments i make intersting topic xD if its really bad idea well what is the really really bad effect to the game ? it only boost a number just like any other pots xD
  11. i hope ws soon pay to play so i can quit completly
  12. bump everyone and gm should read this good idea
  13. we need new item to boost our reputation of course this will be bring AIGRIND so much $$$ , [Elixir of Reputation] give boost 100% of any reputation in 12 hours , how much they should cost ? well idk its AIGRIND right to decise it. we really need it so wont take so long getting 5k reputation, in fact when 5 island unlocked mean u have to collect 5 reputation = 25k rep =O i hope gm implementation my idea
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