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  1. i need an atetion from devs, im a ranger user and i try to full the new skill of us buffs us up to 10 adv speed, but evrytime the one we hit hit us it deducted, did yoy devs thingking about it? a lot of mobs hit faster than us? is that stupidity to put that skill? 1 hit and 1 deducted? are. they insane?

    only those free hit got full but if u using it from mobs its useless at the point they dont think before putting it in game, i hate my new skill suck my gold only,

    but my ghod look at rouge skill damn ur not making fair to us an inconvinience to spend gold and re arange skill on that,

    new skill ranger was so stupid of all

    the skill is just like troll warlord @Dota 2, seems u never play other games

  2. Yes I had the same problems with connection last night.

    It was not any ones ISP or net config or closed ports.

    And I still have a problem with how you run your servers,

    I play on the US "realm" and it seams that I am at a constant disadvantage because

    "realm" does not equal "server" 

    could you tell me where the US server is located?

    I have the feeling it is not in the USA.

    That makes all players from the US suffer from longer pings.

    It has nothing to do with my ports, I think you have used all the ports I have.


    Thanks for any feedback.


    PS Put a server in Chicago and see how the game changes,

    Think Diablo's Blizzard servers from the late 90's.

    they cant afford it, ups sorry they wont

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