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  1. One more year, a new opportunity, that should not be wasted, the ghosts leave, the memories stay, time heals if we let it. Open the doors to new emotions, a full of hope leap, into the void. Cheers to those who have always been there, to the teachings of those who are no longer with us, and to the experiences of those who are coming, Happy 2024!
  2. Spring is coming and CoolDuck can smell it! Sunglasses always ready FRONT SIDE
  3. From the depths of an unknow abyss the demon warlord rises. The darkness corrupted his soul driving him mad and thirst for war! Front: Back: Side:
  4. I would like to congratulate you @Marta Bekavac🦇 for this impressive achievement! Feeling so much joy for you today celebrating the record you just set and looking forward to watching you win your next warspear contest! h8rs gon h8 😩
  5. 🤠🫀omg i🤠 can🥫 already💥 smell👅 your👩 victory🏆 bestie🐺 xoxox 💋💯lp zp 💅
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