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  1. Yep thats true. + Its victim fault for trusting.
  2. Noo00ne gets ban in this game for scaming gold. :blush:
  3. 99999999999999 mcoins makes everything eeaasssii.
  4. [FirstBorn] [27-03-14] SORSHA [kamp riff]
  5. ##### Got scammed #### realm: eu - elf faction scammer name : vanatorul (lvl 6 bd) I sold him a guiding glove for 66666 gold. I saw that the player gave me the exact amount of gold but I never received it in my account. I realised it only when I thought of buying something from the dealer the next moment. Is it a new level of scamming or jst a another bug again :unknw: ? I hope devs shud give it a looksy.
  6. Go grab urs and lets watch together :drinks:
  7. They r enjoyin their popcorn &watchin Thor 2 xD :crazy:
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