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  1. OMG... what about my rouge? He uses daggers lvl 17 (arena).... daggers will lose accu?! If daggers lose accu every rouge that amped daggers like me will have to buy swords coz no accu at daggers... :shok: is that gonna happen? :facepalm: :shok:
  2. Hmm nice can't wait... but those new skills are limited? u have snowballs that u get from quest or? e.e :good: :pleasantry: 3.10
  3. u say no cuz u are probably in a good guild and u are greedy
  4. ohh cool stamina refills by time :clapping: but will this be in a week, 2 weeks, month? any idea( raw plans for update)?
  5. By separating guilds by lvl in guild tournament (lvl1, lvl2, lvl3 in future lvl4) u make it easyer lvl to those who dont buy mcs or have gold to lvl up their guilds. Lvl 1 guild cant beat Sos,AoA,Thebrs, so u make tournament for lvl 1 guild, lvl guild ... bigger lvl get higher prizes,1 lvl gets smaller reward like 10k or 15k or idk so active but poor guilds can lvl up. Thats just mu suggestion, i think its a good idea. Comment what u guys think about that. :pardon:
  6. when will this go live? i hope soon , to bring some action in game. 8)
  7. is this going to be like events for some time or? i like the ide lets see how it will go .
  8. Stealth is skill with few bugs, but bcuz of them ull probably lose in pvp. If u run than press stealth it will work right away, but if u stand press stealth button than run it will reset, idk why but it will always reset. And problem of rouges is that if some1 is runing from them 1 spuare away, u wont catch him. Thats cuz rouge has no ranged skill like bds hamstring. Thats melee attack but hits few spuares away, devs pls fix that bug. And why is rouge only melee dmg dealer in game, that makes him overpowered by any other class.
  9. How long till 4.0, will it be soon. Im getting bored. :shout:
  10. They should make PvP cave neutral, and inside teleports in groups in pairs. So u know who u are pvp ing, that takes u to areas whitch can be seen from pvp cave so ppl can watch battles.
  11. There is many good costumes from contests, why u dont put these in tournaments? :tease:
  12. Tnx i did not knew that. :clapping:
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