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  1. what kind of s/w model we use here, there is no Unit testing, SIT, UAT etc..here we get post production defects which are fixed on the go..
  2. When there is awsome update like this one, it is hard to wait for server to be up. One suggestion include a timer which will give approx time left for server up and running. Add this timer in warspear where at present we get message " at present server is under maintenance, we are doing utmost to finish it 00:00:00"
  3. Please do not nerf any skill this time because of crying mcs. It is waste of your efforts to create such nice skill and then destroy them. Mc,s already started crying for new skill before release, hope u have fixed whatever was required before releasing it. Hope there wont be further nurfing.
  4. Hi Roland, Please modify priest elusive threat skill so that it can be used in dailies and pvp both without regret. You can refer my signature for suggestion on the same.. Best Regards
  5. Hi Roland, Please take my suggestion for priest elusive threat skill. Refer signature for suggestion.
  6. Hi Roland, Please share list of fixes around game play. Thanks.
  7. First of all i am not talking about rouge here. It is priest skill i am talking about. And i want little justice with that. Like mc,s i dont cry about other class skill. I just want priest skill elusive threat to be modifed a bit. Coz not a single skill in this game is as resistive on mob like this one. Truly unjustified.
  8. Hi Roland, Please help with elusive threat skill. Please take my suggestion. Make it ticking dmg 200 and steal mana only for steps taken by cursed mob/enemy/boss. But 100% effect or dodged like other skill but no resist as currently it is. Dmg and mana steal increases with skill progress. On boss u can still have resist but with some % chance of success. You got to belive that many of us dont like pvp. Request you to please consider this humble opinion. Best Regards..
  9. Hi ronald I have one concern here, for lvl 21+ already you have removed dailies from irselnort town 1, 2 and 3. And today ayvondil tlalok town quest are limited to 5. So you made lvl21+ lvl up more difficult. Second low level have more quest they make more gp soon good guilds will prefer low levels and kick them once they used them. I know u can answer that still we have norlant and lab, but that is just way to spend on repairs . Anyway off the topic Please do something about priest elusive threat skill, it is only good for pvp and arena rest it is useless. Instead make it ti
  10. Sorry man my sympathies with you. I totally agrre with you on necros, all of their skill need to be reworked. Day by day necro becoming weakest class. May garhan bless necros
  11. Forget to add about druid tornadi skill. Agian here we have some pain areas. We can totally compare this expert skill with shamans basic skill earthquake. Earthquake being basic skill is more effective than expert skill tornedo. Other benifits of eartquake over tornedo,Better dmg, greater aoe, less energy cost, stun time is high, u dont have to spend 40k. When it is not even close to earthquake which is base skill we should not count tornedo in expert skill. Hope i was able to make a point here.
  12. Hi Team, In this update we are doing quite briliant job on expert skill. Can you please reconsider elusive threat, and payback. Elusive threat after nurf is only good with enemy char, however on mob and bosses it is almost useless. Make it 100% effective on all at cost of fix ticking dmg which also steals mana. Atleast then it will deserve the right to be called expert skill. Payback: Only nameSound great but it is a actual waste, for below reasons. Skill says it deal double dmg when enemy/mob/boss hp is less than 20% and have cooldown 40sec. In case of mob usually 20% hp is li
  13. Hi All, Please help me understand how guild skill "guild knowledge" work. I advance guild knowledge skill to lvl2 which says 25% more xp to guild members. However when i activated the skill only i am getting that benifit for said duration. It is not working for other guild members. This skill should be active for all the members once activated by hier or leader, please correct me if i am worng. Thanks and Regards
  14. First of all thanks for fixing the issue where users were not able to add new expert skill. Prior to this I was just reading comments from other users on forum and watching them use new skill. Despite various comments by other users about priest new skill, I feel it is one of the best skill making priest more powerful and independent. some people say it is waste, but I would like to bring some light on beauty of this skill. * It increases your overall magic or physical damage around 10% on lvl 3 * It effect all party members so it is like all members having same ski
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