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  1. Thank you for mentioning the Charmer bug😊 Soon will fix
  2. Hunter is the most op and broken class in all heroes in Warspear Online Versus Spring Bosses and Map 2 Flag War. Because of the skill Posion Arrow, it easy to spam, deal multiple damage to boss, & skill damage is huge. You can observe and see not only in US-SAPPHIRE, also in other server. That this skill is very effective againts Snow raidboss and War Flags. It also enhance by New Talent Tree skills. I agree to other players to Nerf this skill. I hope you have an action in this matter. Thank you😊
  3. It has advantage too, in passive skill of seeker also making great use of Bloodthirsty skill. And also vamprune can stabilize this 1-4%hp as damage to the user. If can't, make it 1%,1.5%,2%,2.5%. Seeker have bloodthirsty skill and we can use vamprune or lower the % dmage to 1-2.5%
  4. I agree, looks not dangerous because of weak damage.
  5. I just used the word SEEKER, also the name of this hero. What should he want to SEEK? Only possible is invisible heroes. Like hide and seek game.
  6. A. Harad's Shield B. Sun Power Harad's Shield damage buff works only if you receive damage, so the damage buff can't activate if you're not receiving damage because you are not the tank. Why not making it possible to activate damage buff even not receiving damage to monsters? I have two suggestions; First, since old Sun Power skill making the user weaker in defence, and its consume mana per second, why not making it consuming health every time the user deal critical damage to monsters. Each Critical hit to monsters directly consume 1%-4% of total hp of the user. In this way we solve the problem in Harad's Shield damage buff. Second, at the end of the duration of the Harad's Shield the user automatically gain 10 stacks of damage buff. Based on the nerf in seeker last time, it reduce a lot of damage per second. For me its fair to buff this the Harad's Shield. I hope you have a response for my concern. Thank you!😊
  7. Nerf Hunter Poison Damage Skill Can't beat 5x hunter versus any 5x elf heroes in killing raidboss 30 and 32. Even have full buffs and minions. Also the Map2 Flag is like Jelly if its touch by Poison skill of Hunter. Please nerf the Hunter Thank you
  8. Dot Damage Skills Versus Map 2 Flag Due to the new update, the dot damage skills like poison & bleeding are effective against Flags in Map 2 wars. But the poison damage of rogue can be apply to FLAG using long range skills also the damage is huge. I saw that this is unpair cause melee heroes in elf can't do that also the bleeding damage of seeker is too low even in max level compare to rogue. I hope you do something about it. Thank you😊
  9. I. LEVADIS BLOODY A. STATS Normal attack damage ranges to 1400-1500 as magic damage. It has 150,000 hit points. Respawn time is around 8 minutes. B. SKILLS It has stun and bleeding skill. If you use controls skill to boss, nearby monsters will start to attack you. It can lowers your attack speed by 99.9%. C. DROPS Drops are craft resources, amplification items, class books (can see in Library), Level 30 common weapons, small relics, etc. D. LOCATION Coordinates in Map4-Town5 is B7 (based on Chess Board coordinates). II. OLD INKER A. STATS Normal attack damage ranges to 800-900 as physical damage. It has 120,000 hit points. Respawn time is around 8 minutes. B. SKILLS This boss will run away if you start to attack it in the beginning. To prevent it, ignore boss in less than 10 seconds. This boss has debuff skill that can prevent you to heal using hp potions. It has stun skill. C. DROPS Drops are same in boss LEVADIS BLOODY like craft resources, amplification items, class books, Level 30 common weapons, small relics, etc. D. LOCATION Coordinates in Map4-Town5 is G10. III. DROWNED ADMIRAL A. STATS Normal attack damage ranges to 1000-1100 as physical damage. It has 120,000 hit points. Respawn time is around 8 minutes. B. SKILLS It has stun and bleeding skills like LEVADIS BLOODY. This boss can reduce your accuracy parameter by 55%. It can also lowers your movement speed. It can heal using Bloodthirsty skill like seeker heal skill. C. DROPS Drops are craft resources, amplification items, class books, Level 30 common weapons , small relics, etc. D. LOCATION Coordinates in Map4-Town5 is K8. Full guide video link: Please comment and judge my guide created,& suggest more topics that you want to have a guide and I'm happy to help you.😊 Thank you😊
  10. Chieftein is the most poweful in DPS versus bosses, can't out sustain the damage of it versus any of elf heroes. I suggest to add new hero in elf than can balance the damage or buff some heroes in elf. 2x speed Daggers versus 2x physical speed mace, the damage have a large difference. Chieftein more op if full in buff and stats +mermen gears because of the large Physical power they can have.
  11. Water Elemental Minion aggression/aoe damage must be remove. Because of this aoe damage, the minion have high chance to aggro the enemy monsters and he die. This minion has 12hrs duration but with his aoe damage the duration is more likely less than 30 mins because its easy to die. I hope you read this and take an action. Thank you😊 I suggest new minion that have passive buff to the user called last stand that the hp of the user can't lower than 1hp and gain 100% resistance in 5 seconds after he/she takes damage that can kill him. - About the active buff it gives random buff; +10 attack speed, +10%phy/magic power or +10% penetration in 20seconds and after the buff gone the user gain 100%damage receive as heal in this 20secs duration.
  12. Custumes are only for visual appearance of a hero. Why not add some stats to it? That buff the user. Costumes have different rarity based on the color of its name; White Green Orange Violet (And some drops in raid bosses ) White is the common costumes, so the buff is common too like +10hp +1 critical parameter +1% accuracy parameter Etc.. While the rare costumes like thr drops in raidbosses, the buff is active /passive skills that buff user. Example; Orcinus costume = +5% the duration of all the skills. Octopus costume= -5% the duration of debuffs/stun Etc..
  13. I like the idea about storage for peronal costumes. I hope they do something about it.
  14. I hope they add same skill like Chieftain +50% movement speed skill to Elf side that can use even in fight, or revamp it to be fair.
  15. But still, less players using Paladin hero. If your problem is lag, try to turn off damage and heal info.
  16. Based on the nerf on skills in Seeker, better if they can use 1h swords because daggers is the lowest base damage weapon.
  17. That is true bro, i hope they improve it.
  18. Not legs 😂 it can be small wheels, and can move very slow, so its become more interesting.
  19. Rangers traps is hard to trigger because the area is hudge. I suggest that traps can move and attack the nearby enemies in low speed. Adjust the trigger effects of traps into 1 block around it. Add more damage to traps in exchange longer cd. Change the bow strike into a rope than can stun enemy, longer stun if he has enemies nearby.
  20. This hero is the most not effective in Pvp and in Wars. I hope they add or change some skill to make it useful in Pvp, for example; -Sun power, you can change the stats of +critical parameter into accuracy by tapping it twice. -Add skill that can cast long range that deals damage and control. •Add skill like Tract that can cast to the enemy, lowers the movement, decrease defence and lifesteal, and see it even invisible state. -Change the skill attraction target into aoe(3x3) target that can full enemies near to him. - Bloodthirsty skill not uses by many players, i suggest to change it into aoe skill that can cast freely and can silence enemies but the skill is 1.5 second delay to activate in the area. I hope you read my suggestions.
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