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  1. Weakness zone can be removed with castle pot and trashing too. Fear is removed when the enemy takes damage. The point is that none of the chance aoe stuns can be removed with castle pots and the stun chance is like 80% which is really good.
  2. I would say I agree with these points but all classes have counters. Stuns can be resisted with scrolls and pots. There are also castle pots for removing effects like root which is where the majority of druid stuns come from. If there was a problem with druid it would be the large amount of heal skill but luckily in the game you don't get an infinite number of skill points and most players will only put skill points into 3-4 expert skills. If a druid use those skill points on aoe control then the amount of points in heal skills will be reduced. And likewise if put all points into heals then control skills will be reduced. So the amount of aoe control sentinels have are Paladin - fetters mage - chains templar - reverse flow Mage - shattered stones (although this stun is not 100% chance) templar - touch of truth Priest - punishment of the light (this is also not 100% chance) Paladin - harad's call (this is also a chance stun) Bd - rush(also chance stun) Druid - punitive roots Druid - Forest song(chance stun) And the amount of aoe controls Legion has are Hunter - Arrow of confusion Warlock - dark circle Warlock - weakness zone Necromancer - panic Charmer- otherworldly fire (Chance stun) Chieftan- Thrashing Let's see sentinels have 5 aoe control skills and 5 chance aoe control skills and Legion have 5 aoe control skills and 1 chance aoe control skill. I think this is a pretty big difference because at 4/4 most chance aoe control skills have like an 80% chance of activating which is pretty good.
  3. I understand why people would say nerf bd because of the resist + stuns + dps. Ranger I also understand cause of the stuns and damage that they can deal. Druid I understand people would want nerf because of it having the most amount of heals out of all classes and good stuns. But mage seeker and templar, I don't see much of a reason to nerf in pvp. In fact, mages could probably use a buff in 1v1 combat. There is not much reason to nerf seekers either, all they have going for them is high dps and some stuns. Seeker is probably the most limited melee class in terms of combat with ranged players.
  4. I don't especially think any class needs nerf other than the amount of pets that charmer can summon and the difference in the quality of shields between mc and elf. As far as I know, no class in mc has a good shield that can absorb a large amount of damage like paladin shield. Druids also have a shield skill that heals them if they get hit which is pretty good. Dk could use some buffs. The damage reduction from dark shield isn't very much even with high defense and several expert skills are useless. Like Saturation, secret reserves, and knights curse. Saturation gives boost to life steal stat but you need to sacrifice a significant amount of hp first. Skills like that are useless in pve and pvp, which makes players rarely use this expert skill. Necro skills used to require hp to cast before but in an earlier update the hp cost to cast heal + shield on necro was removed. Secret reserves is useful when it works, however, the cool down time is extremely long and the characters skill cool down stat has no effect on the cool down time of secret reserves. Secret Reserves is also limited because when the character dies and respawns or enters an arena battle the cool down of secret reserves is not reset like the cool downs of other skills are. Knight's curse has a high damage output but only if you have good magic damage. And the extent of the skill is very limited. The skill can only be cast on one target and takes several seconds before it starts dealing damage. The damage area is generated wherever the target is when the kiss of death debuff ends. A moving target can easily dodge this skill and take no damage from it. The target could also easily walk out of the skills effect area and render it useless.
  5. I think instead of complain about how op certain classes are people should try find ways to counter them. Like for charmers, if a mage can't beat them solo it's np. Mage is generally a weak class 1v1. I have not seen it win vs many classes if 1v1. However mage could beat charmer easy if they had a wd to aggro all the minions or if a druid spammed stuns on the charmer. The charmer wouldn't be able to summon minions and would die easy. As for bd you need to either kite them or keep them stunned. All classes can be beaten if you try rather than complain about how op they are. As for map 2 wars, each side has their own classes that best for guarding flag. Charmer minions can easily be pushed away by mages with chain skill or templar or pala or aggroed by wardens. It's just a matter of if you try or not.
  6. Secret reserves is a pretty decent means of health restoration. The sad part is that for some reason it doesn't work correctly. When you die and respawn it's cd doesn't reset like all the other skills. Things like dying and reviving or entering arena have no affect on secret reserves. For normal skills they all automatically finish cd when u respawn or enter arena, but for secret reserves you have to wait for the cd(2 min I think) to be finished before it can be used again regardless of respawning or entering arena. Also the cool down parameter has no affect on secret reserves which also kinda hurts.
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