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  1. Есть кое-что, что меня действительно беспокоит, потому что фортификация - это способность потребления, а не пассивная, потому что у нее нет какой-либо анимации, только когда она активирована, эти маленькие стрелки выходят, но это все способность потребления, она должна иметь постоянная анимации
  2. Hello administrators, it is to ask you a question is that I am very worried about accepting items from a player who for the world caht they say is haker so if it is to if I can receive ban for opening them accepted how could I do so that they do not ban me? the items? But they are some skin and I used them because he told me it was a gift and now they are really personal I am very worried about that and please tell me what I could do so that they do not ban me because according to what I find out, he buys the items and then refund the money and in the refund policy it says that they will give you a ban until the items are found, please, I need an answer about what could I do in that case to not receive the ban
  3. un amigo me dio unas skin de boda y cambio de cabellos y fundas pero las personas por el chat mundial dicen que es hacker o algo entonces me preocupa que me puedan banear por eso por algo que no sabia el me los dio sin yo pedírselos
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