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  1. Yeah auotmatic party with random que Easy to get knowledge about teammates health
  2. yeah i guess, the result were published in 1 day in other competition too.
  3. when will the result published :/
  4. i dont know why but kiddnaping your friend seemed very easy :facepalm:
  5. Why are you all good peoples ready to sacrifice your life for me :'(
  6. Thanks for suggestions :)
  7. This is a nice video. But your english is not so good :nea:
  8. I watched yours too its creative and best! :good:
  9. I will be waiting for your video do your best :) :clapping: :good:
  10. yeah its hard to make 75% dungeon footage :( . but i hope you like it :)
  11. New rewards for the same people of top guilds :/ :unknw:
  12. I searched for many music to suit the video and i personally liked this one :) . and packing a story in 5 min video made it like a trailer xD.
  13. Thanks and i would make 75% dungeon footage but the time limit was only 5min :/
  14. Date of creation: 2014/01/03 Video made by: Bipin Warspear character name: Biipin lvl 16 rogue Server: Eu-Emerald Music= Arthas My invincible son ( Theme song of World of warcraft - wrath of the lich king ) I hope you enjoy the video :) ::)
  15. I would like to join ABC. my info: char name= bipiin [ dk lvl 19, 20 soon ] defense= 3k without shield, attck = 350 [ will amp soon :bad: ] active player playing everyday about 4-9 hours per day. :drinks:
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