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  1. rogue nerfed again Using Rogue’s “Ricochet” now aborts invisibility.
  2. EU-Emerald 1. AoA (589227 exp) 2. SINERGIA (438821 exp) 3. YinYang (298836 exp) AoA got a crazy amount of mcoins this week, truly impressive, congratulation Mcoins
  3. How about making all 12 class available for both elf and mc make a op skill or nerf it, both faction will still be balanced
  4. shaman skill cd only for expert skills or stacks with cd attribute?
  5. Stand up from the floor. What would u do if u could use stealth in real life?
  6. Watched log horizon, well the level of interest decreased at later episodes. Will give a try to no game no life
  7. sphere of damage ll list three wishes that you want.
  8. is there anymore animes like code geass/ death note?
  9. new client available or what? speak gays *z*
  10. lol auto dc and game client out of date dafaq?
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