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  1. Demonstration of alien attack probably? zombie or alien?
  2. Thanks! ivy Livii I can't decide the drops because i don't know which difficulty it will be placed in (easy/normal/hard) That's why its better to be left in devs hand maybe that's why they didn't made it compulsory well the common drops will be the same as other dungeon boss (catalyst,essences, bar, spheres, pots) But it would be great if it has its own unique costume drop (extremely rare)
  3. yeah xD was looking at something else on the screen maybe a popup
  4. Thanks for the praise! For the location iam expecting it to be placed in the next expansion area so i don't know exactly which location but in a dungeon. if it is to be placed in existing area desecrated grove would be nice i guess. as mentioning the drops is not compulsory, so iam leaving it for the devs to decide
  5. Its a peacock rhyhorn turtle!, Great work
  6. Photoshop yourself I wish rogues could dual wield guns
  7. Templar for The Sentinels(if dual wield: daggers/swords)(if a 2h or shield user: 2h and 1h sword/mace/axe/ shield) Hunter for The Legion (bow/x bow)
  8. Thanks bro, I guess being cool is the reason I'am surviving this summer xD
  9. Was busy couldn't even login for a month Thanks for the praise
  10. The Avenging Ent Neparhu Long time ago, the inhabitant of the eternal forest used to worship an ancient tree. many creatures would rest under its shade and had shelter on its branches. They believed the tree was protecting the forest and granting it an eternal life. But all of their beliefs and hopes were crushed when the forest was torn apart and tainted due to the unleashed fury during the war of spear. The inhabitants and creatures of the forest would cry and shout out curses while looking at the ancient tree as they lost their hope of protection while they took their last breath. The Ancient tree incaged the pain and agony of the people who once believed him as a guardian and was reborn as an avenging ent, tainted and furious with the sole purpose of guarding the forest from any trespasser. The ancient ent would show mercy to no one, the visions of past had blinded it. The inhabitants would sometimes hear the screams and whispering curses coming from the tainted part of the forest which is believed as the screams of agony let out by the avenging ancient ent. due to which the forest is also known as cursed forest of ayvondil. The Avenging ent (NEPARHU) would listen to no one and has only one thing to say "Die foolish creature the only thing you know is to disrupt the peace and start a war, I will never let the past repeat again, the Forest has suffered enough." Neparhu resides in a dungeon and is guarded by 3 small ents and all of them attacks when enemy is near the aggro range. Abilities Entangle: Neparhu roots all of its enemies in place stunning them for 5 sec (casted after every 35 sec) Scream of Agony: Neparhu sends out a shock wave which deals certain magic damage 3-4 times and decreases defense of nearby enemies by 50% (or any appropriate amount) for about 20 sec Thump: Neparhu Hits the player with aggro causing 900 physical damage Bonus Ability: Ent-To Rage: Neparhu summons 3 small ents again if he is not killed within 10minute (or appropriate time based on its Health)
  11. system : fight duration 0 min 30 sec. shows in a picture will it show time taken to kill each opponent?
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