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    Long time ago there was a woman who lives in swamp, she was so beautiful and powerful. She can be line one of the goddess from how she look like. Shes almost perfect. All people know shes kind and sweet, but they don't know she had this things to herself the hatred, envy and greediness. She wants power and fame. She wants to be the most beautiful woman in all, that men will get droll once they saw her. She hates when someone steal men attention than her, she all just want to be the only one to be the center of attraction. She's greedy in power and fame.she likes to control lives, follow her and idolized her. But one thing she doesn't from herself it was to be love by someone. In her entire life she never try to fell inlove because she is afraid to get hurt. But one day there was a man catches her attention. A man whose walking along the sea shore in swamp. His look so amazing and perfect. His a kind of man that every woman is dreaming of. When she supposed to approach the man. A beautiful woman came over to him and give him a pick from his lips. they look very happy together. Shreemo got envy at the same time she insecurities from that beautiful woman. This things happened to her is just once and she don't like to missed it. She will do something to steal this man hock or by a crook. She let her guard follow the couple and take some information about to this man. She's too excited from her guards might bring. Once the guard came back. They immediately give the info about this guy. He lives in altgar and having some vacation with his gf. Shreemo wants to be close to this man and to get his attention so she let her guards come to this man place and invite him to join dinner together with her. But he refuses her offer many times. Who a man will come together to a woman if your already taken and if your just having vacation together. Shreemo got mad, she think the man insulted her ego. Who a stupid man will reject her offer, a beautiful woman and powerful like her.
    Pity him!"I will do everything just to be you mine! She laugh so hard.
    While the man waiting for his gf to come back from going outside something he feel worried, it was about the behavior of shreemo. He can feel that shreemo likes him, but why he? His already taken and his happy with his gf a. His feeling something about it. One thing shreemo doesn't know about this man is his one of son of Gods. His power is to read mind and cursed..no one dare to look at his eyes for so long because he can read everybody's mind and he can know the truth.
    A loud knock heared from the door. Good thing his gf wasn't here, she might freak out by the loud knock. A deep sigh he give. He already know who it was, maybe it's shreemo guards again. But this time a shock from his face formed. It was shreemo and not her guards. "Good evening beauty shreemo what I can do for you for coming to my house at this hour.". Shreemo taken aback from what she's feeling right now. She feeling nervous, she can't look the man straight from his eyes. " I...I just want you to come with me and take some dinner together, I don't think so u will reject my offer again because as far I could see your gf wasn't here." A wide smile shreemo give. She planned all of this things from the gf and coming with her. "Alright beauty shreemo I will come with u." Shreemo feel relief by what the man said. The trip is silent no one dare to talk once they already come to shreemo place, shreemo lead the to the table. A lot of food was serve and mostly are seafoods.
    They talk random things about their lives but shreemo lost her gazed she look the eyes of the man intently. How she see this now not before it was so feircing and inviting. When she supposed to get up and approached the man. The man changes his behavior. He got mad! Maybe he can kill already from his look.
    "You!!how could you do that to her!why you tell those lies!! U don't know how I love her!! Shreemo got shock and no words comes out from her mouth "And yes!I could read minds and all of this! This is all your plan!" He looks for something from the table and a shrimp catches her attention, he get the shrimp and point it to shreemo. "I will cursed you! By the power in mine, you will be a shrimp!an ugly shrimp that a man look with a woman body!" With that shreemo become an ugly shrimp and her size its change. She become so small like a shrimp. She don't say something, she just cry. Its her fault why she's likes this, she let envy and hatred control herself. "I will let you live in the sea. I'm not that kind of heartless shreemo, I hope this might take you a lesson, a lesson to be learned.goodbye" after that the man dissapear.
    Once the man disaapear the ugly shreemo swim and swim from the bottom of the sea, she needs to find the demon who lives in. She needs this demon for her revenge. This demon was Hydra. Finally she's in hydra's place now. They called it Kota. Suddenly Hydra appeared "How are you beauty shreemo who is now the ugly shreemo" hydra laugh so hard like an evil one. Shreemo feel insulted from what hydra said coz it was true. Shes so freaking ugly now. "I know u need something from me, and u will not waste your time for coming over here just to find me" ugly shreemo pleaded to hydra. "Please I need your help, make me strong, I just make him love me but in the end he cursed me. I want to have my revenge" she's crying hard now. "Don't cry lady, as u wish I will help u.. I will make u strong.I wIll give you power but in one condition." Shreemo replied so fast."yes!yes!anything from you my lord hydra I will do anything just make me strong". Hydra laugh "that's my child. I just want you to make your revenge spread up there and kill innocent people I will be much more happy if you kill a warrior.
    I hate them they always disturb my sleeping. Kill them for me!" Hydra say a magical word from her mouth and a power ball comes out and point it to shreemo. Once the power ball formed it comes in to shreemo. Shreemo changed a lot once she received the power, her sized increase. But her ugliness still there. "Good luck to u my child!go and leave!" Hydra laugh again and hydra dissapear.
    Shreemo leave the place with a huge smile on her face."Now I can have my sweetest revenge"hahaha.she swim and swim until she stop and saw a place. "This is it, this is the place I'm looking for. This is perfect." A place she could start her evilness.
    Many people got terrified from what was happening to their place, many people dissapeared without any sign and mostly was men this is so mysterious. This is the biggest disaster they all have been experienced for after the long peace. HELP WARIORS!!!the people of Ayvondil needs your help to kill this mysterious monster!
    Shreemo hp - 1m
    Shreemo skill
    fire by her arms which gives damage over time effect every 10secs,
    water steering like a tornado that causes the enemy fly.
    A water ball sorrounds by lightning which can bring a critical hit to the enemy.every 15 secs
    Summoning dead by wagging her tail.she can summon every 1 min (minion HP 45k)
    he claws gives poison once it hits u its steal HP of the hero 300hp. Claws can attack so fast. If she need to charge up, she can use her tail to attack.
    Her two snakes from her mouth cab give u by poisoning, u cant move 5 secs it hits you.
    Healing herself she can heal by striking manhood hahaha joke
    This is my hero hope u like it guys, you can comment ^^ and most of all criticisms are much appreciated. Thank you

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