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  1. "Hello! Welcome to the contest. Hope we can enjoy the contest and let's be friend"
  2. Actually I been working to my boss for so long, my friends know about it and just post it now because I have my free time. Well, I don't mind if the concept of our works are almost same. But still, its still different. This happened always. But thank you for letting me know.
  3. Long time ago there was a woman who lives in swamp, she was so beautiful and powerful. She can be line one of the goddess from how she look like. Shes almost perfect. All people know shes kind and sweet, but they don't know she had this things to herself the hatred, envy and greediness. She wants power and fame. She wants to be the most beautiful woman in all, that men will get droll once they saw her. She hates when someone steal men attention than her, she all just want to be the only one to be the center of attraction. She's greedy in power and fame.she likes to control lives, follow her an
  4. How can attach the pic?I forgot how to do it.lol.can anyone tell me how??^^ty
  5. Wow cool..I want to give it a try..with my friends...
  6. Hi guys..! This is my pic for the pageant..this is my first time to join here..this make me feel nervous coz I know there's a lot beautiful girls will join here.lol..I will let u judge by ur eyes and not from the popularity of that person. Good luck for u guys who will join to this pageant. http://imgur.com/IFSFHXl Feel free to comment guys.
  7. I'm not agree.. How about the others who don't know about this forum?better post it on fb.
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