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  1. imagen barb with book ocrinus.😂 barb will become immortal with skill + heal pot
  2. barb mora tanker bro. barb broke with book orcinus. event 10 or 20 player cant kill 😂. healing pot + with they skill become immortal and gm still take 1 year to rebalancing char. should be every 3 month or 6 month update for rebalance like other game online
  3. Last time wd have skill like this, but they say bug and when barb got like this they say not bug. I dont know why GM still not do any Action like they do with wd skill . We dont care about Population, we care how this game work fair mcs and elfs. Same strong and Balance Power both side . barb cant die 10 vs 1. Gm can check at Video people complant . I Think people complant this 2 or 3 Time with video
  4. GM dont know how this barb bug work. Please GM go play warspear and fight with barb and u know how strong barb coze bug. We just want reblance. People complant not 1 time but many time. Why GM not even check and test at game
  5. Plis check this skill chieftain..unfair for all guild elf at all server.we need solution for this
  6. This is not bug,why Gm should replies this.haha.stop tag them.you make them laugh
  7. Befor say Skill palading si bug better check other skill char mc too..they do much damage at flag elf...vegeta should use brain to complaint not becouse hate people
  8. hitmanz


    You think only you know much this about game??that why all you doing and ur commen here is wrong coze you only think about ur self. We talking about all people and differen char for reblance and make that wd skill rebalance with other char
  9. mcs aoe skill is more better. They only put the skill on the ground then run so its a good skill aoe and strong. Almost all class mcs have skill like that.event class tank mcs have that skill aoe like that.and other that mcs skill is overpower when use buff pot castle healing and jump. Gm should remove that buff castle for arena
  10. Yes mc have good and strong aoe better then elfs. I hope gm will rebalance skill aoe both side for this update
  11. hitmanz


    Sir. wd not immortal when 40%blocks.and im not selfish .i just want justice for wd.wd need 40% for rebalance power for same strong other class in set pvp and pve. And stop hate other player like you know all about this game. Dont say bad word to other player. Just talk about what good for rebalance skill not for hate people.peace
  12. hitmanz


    We not talking about what other class get when they have 40% blocks.we talking about rebalancing skilll. Wd need 40% coze need balance to other class on pvp set and pve set
  13. Is not. AOE for mc more good and strong. Elf AOE so bad and weak so less player on elf use this skill area coze of that. Gm should rebalance skill area not only when used set pve but in set pvp too. Peace .less hate. We focus on rebalance skill not hate people. I alredy play this game about 10 year.
  14. Rebalance Skillll area mc and elf. Skill area mc so many and overpower when on pvp set. They control war event and arena 5*5 coze they good on skill area. So make it balance
  15. hitmanz


    Lol. Bro dont make a lie.try it with wd pvp other mc with same amply , same pro and use set pvp weapon. Wd willl no useless
  16. hitmanz


    I agred with this. This make more balance skill between mc and elfs. Wd skill just good at pve tank but not good on pvp event or war. Wd dont have skill area damage while mc tank have a good skill area damage and that good for pvp and event war
  17. Please be like profesional.you not kids any more. Forum is place for slove all problmes in game not for your drama. Please keep your drama in game not in forum. @lallouss doing right thing for complaint at forum. More love less hate
  18. I agree with this. this system will make the system better than the current system and more fair to the Mcs and elfs side
  19. please check into This and fix. is no fair when only one class that buff skill stay active after entering gvg merman stage 1.
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