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  1. i agree, some servers are heavy on MC and it must be difficult for the sentinels: It’s almost not fun anymore because i don’t think the US sapphire has more than 100-150 active MCs
  2. I have been playing warspear since 2012. Mainly US Legion side but started off as an elf at the beginning. It has been underpopulated for a very long time, but never this bad. Years ago they made it so you could not create an elf character at one point only MC. Between the imbalance in skills and the population of elf rising in US Sapphire the MC side will be non- existent soon. Not to mention a lot of MC got discouraged and went to elf side. It’s sad because i have spent a lot of time and money on this game for developers to not care about a lot of things. I don’t know if there’s a solution at the moment besides a massive balance update.
  3. Yes not sure how often or the cooldown on this but i think it should be more frequent. I have around 15-20 names been trying for at least 4 months, same level one char and “action not available right now” I hope one day it could be 3 months without logging and less than lvl 10 maybe.
  4. Hello! Most unique and cool names are taken by level 1’s who don’t play the game. If a character is a low level and is inactive for a period of time can the names be removed so others can take? I spent a lot of time trying to find a great character name for some of my characters, and have found about 50 names i wanted all taken by level 1’s or 2’s. I know warspear does this every so often but it’s honestly not enough. Most of these names are taken for the name to be sold or just to have so nobody can use them. Thought this would be a good idea since i’m sure there are names out there players who actually play the game would want, instead of just sitting there not being used at a level 1.
  5. @Holmes Are we going to look at some of the Elf side skills also? Sentinels are overpowered ATM and when they post things on forum/ email warspear you guys come up with a balance patch. The last “balance patch” nearly killed most MC characters. Can you give barbarian or deathknight a shield as good as the paladin? Is that normal for warden to be immortal? Should 5 templar’s be able to push an entire guild away? I know it’s hard to make everyone happy, but MC side is struggling on population/ and pretty weak compared to ELF.
  6. @Nolan You said it was forwarded to devs. Did they go to skylore and stop caring about warspear? I haven’t bought coins in 2 months and will continue to boycott until major issues are addressed. Sentinals cry about legion skills and there’s a balance patch in 2 months. What does it take to get point across?
  7. Hey there. I would like you guys to switch the merman rep option on the daily rewards for those who have 35k rep or give them 1/2 options in case they want to study something. Knowledge would be a great substitution for this!
  8. The difference is MC get pulled 10 squares away and then revive and get pushed more. had 20 locks using circle and elf can still revive and plant skill. Many locks were in the past wars and it doesn’t work. Banner should NOT hit flag period
  9. i could complain all day about skills and i’m sure you can too. Why can’t Dk curse hit flag ? Why did elves complain when it did? It’s ok for one side to complain and not the other? We weren’t losing all wars before this update. I’ve been a part of every war since update and have seen 3-4 palas spamming lifescroll and planting banner then dead. The flag hp is dropping fast. Mc and elves skills are different. Any of us revive we are pushed to the other side of town. It seemed like paladin had a near 100% success rate. I’m glad @Holmes is looking into this. I’ve never been able to use swooping on flag because the amount of templar and control skills. Look at the video @vegeta posted. Why do we have many banners going off at once? Should our guild just quit game cuz can’t win as well? like you guys did for months
  10. Zeus- If chief could spam lifescroll and use swooping and cause damage i would be doing it. I am pushed by one of the 50 templars in town to the other side of the map. I have tried using 30 life scrolls and did 0 damage one war. You use 1 Ls and do damage. The difference is you at flag can use lifescroll and plant banner without being moved and just die and repeat. There are many variables here not the skill description or damage amount in skill. The skill shouldn’t hit flag period. I’m sorry but after this is fixed war will be fun again.
  11. The banner should not be able to hit the flag and cause easy wins for the ElF side.
  12. We are asking for banner not to hit flag like DK curse got fixed. We are not talking about any other class or how strong they are. Banner damage to flag and lag is the issue Chieftain can’t get a skill off after revive. Pala can plant flag then get killed then LS- repeat. If you think this isn’t OP then why are you having 6 palas spam LS at flag and just use banner before they die?
  13. None of the legion side can survive a revive or not get stunned to use any skill, paladin can revive and plant- repeat.
  14. original post was about lag AND damage. Read
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