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  1. Hello. Me called Shniobby and me Gnoll Rider from Norlant Swamps. Me want to tell you about live. At first you need know that gnolls are intelligent beings but we bad at speak. To describe my day routine my start from beginning. Me wake up and go eat swamp fish. They taste bad but nothing else lives here. After me fed, me go arm up. Me and my brothers have shield and mace. We go and guard tellus all day. We have breaks for eat, but we need keep tellus from Defenders of Arinar. Me don't like them. One time there was people passing by and they said me ugly. Since than me hate all humans, elfs, undead and mountain people. After we done guarding we go sleep. Everyday some of we die and some tellus stolen. But me never stop fighting! Me just need to amplify mace and kill! Me have a plan to go with brothers and earn money. Than we buy signs and kill every who dares touch tellus! Me just need to figure out how to make money. My brother say we go hunt hydra and drop costume. But hydra scary and strong. Me dont know if can do it. If we go Kotaravva maybe they give us quests and we get rare equipment. Me don't know yet but something needs be done. Also me must tell you about my love Gretta. She beautiful, has sharp teeth, big nose and soft fur. I want her be wife, but first me need to prove worthy. That is me and Gnoll Riders story. Tell me if you give me gold, because me need. See you in Swamps if have gold for me, if not me not want see you!
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